Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Letter

I recently put this letter on my neighbor's front door:

Sunday November 07, 2004

Dear Neighbor in #6H,

I would greatly appreciate if you were to stop feeding the stray cats in our complex. I do love cats and have owned many indoor cats myself. However, the animals that are attracted to our doorsteps (as we share the same porch) are feral and bring with them diseases.

I have come home to find that a cat had vomited a pile of worms by my door that could not only harm any indoor animals we have, but ourselves as well. Also, I would rather not come home and walk into my cat free apartment only to have it smell like cat urine because the cats spray at my front door, and it wafts inside.

The cats often fight at our doors and leave behind their excrement that has to be cleaned away. I have had this happen on my back balcony as well. My camping chairs made great litter boxes for them.

I know you must set out food on your balcony as well as your front door. On any given day I can open my sliding glass door and see 5 to 10 cats scurry off your balcony and mine.

The only remedy I have for this is for you to stop feeding the stray cats. I would appreciate if you could do this.

Thank you for your time,
Melissa True #6G

I will admit that she has stopped putting cat food at her front door. However, she has now started to put it out on the sidewalk where I stand as I take my dog outside to do its business. (this is well out of the way of ANYONE'S building)

So, even though the cats no longer have food on our front porch they still hang out there. Also, I have noticed a horrible cat urine smell eminating from my car when I get into or out of it. They have began spraying on not only my tires, but also any car that is in our corner of the parking lot seems to get sprayed as well. I really think that the only thing left to do is to call the Humane Society and have them set traps.



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