Thursday, December 30, 2004

Selene The Ball Python!

This is Selene after her vet visit. I don't have any before photos to show you just how bad she really looked in her bad shed and her blistered belly. Posted by Hello

She may be a Pastel Ball Python!

Doesn't she have pretty colors? Posted by Hello

Poor Selene! That has to hurt!

her tail is a little hidden but still her belly is so raw. Poor Selene. She hates getting her medicine.  Posted by Hello

Selene's Raw Pink Belly

Selene's underside is all pink after the vet removed the blisters. This should be a milky white Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I never thought I would own a snake. I purchased a ball python for my girlfriend's brother for his 17th birthday combined with Christmas. (I dropped like $200 total for everything...snake, cage, accessories etc) I was pretty upset when the snake had major burns on it's underside from it laying on the heating pad that was attached to the underside of the tank. Apparently a snake, if it is cold enough, will not move from a heating element even if it is being burned. That meant the cage temp was not warm enough since the snake even moved the substrate (the bedding consisting of cypress bark) to lay directly on the glass above the heating pad.

Now the thing that disappointed me was the fact that the boy was more worried about getting some new Cichlids (a fish) for his fishtank than finding out what was wrong with his snake. So just the day before yesterday when I took the snake out to see what was wrong with it (I had been doing some research online to learn about health problems in ball pythons)I was pretty horrified to see that it was in such a bad state. The snake smelled horrible, like rotting flesh. It was in the middle of a very poor shed and the whole underbelly was brown, crusty, and it looked as if the stomach was rotting away. I felt horrible for the snake. Any animal in captivity can only rely on what kind of care its human gives to it.

I called a vet right then to make an appointment for it, also to see if it was even feasible to spend the money on it if it wouldn't survive. Made an appointment fro yesterday at 9:20am... ugh early days on my winter break... When at the appointment I found that indeed they were blisters from it laying on the bare glass and in it's own urine. I had to leave it there to be soaked and examined thoroughly. I didn't think she (Selene the snake)was going to make it.

When I came back I had a different snake (yes, she is mine now because I told "Allen" that since he didn't take care of the snake and was about to let it just die then if I nursed it back to health it was MINE). She looked great. They had taken off most of the remaining shed, and they took all the blistered skin off. Her whole underside is raw and pink...even bleeding in a spot slightly, but she was BETTER! And she is going to LIVE!!! I have to give her antibiotics twice a day and wipe an ointment on her belly a few times a day as well.

I cleaned out her pen before I went to get her. I put old t-shirts in there. I want her to be comfortable with that belly of hers being so raw and all. No more bark for substrate anymore. I am going to look for some indoor outdoor carpet for her when she is healed up. That way it I can have one piece clean to put in when the other gets dirty and wash the one I take out. I can do that once a week or so.

So... like Allen said yesterday (as I was treating the snake)"I bet you never thought you would be doing this to a snake did you?" I just stopped and said.. "Nope... Never did I ever imagine myself giving a snake medicine and caring for one like this." It was kind of a surreal moment. She is so sweet tho. Not an angry bone in her. She is still docile. I am not doing anything to antagonize her. I do have to hold her head as I rub the ointment on her body and give her the meds, but when I let her go she just slithers around like nothing happened. I am so happy.

I will post some photos here soon to show how her belly looks. She really is a beautiful snake!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

This Day

It seems that every year since I have been working for the casino (the past 4 years) I have not been able to celebrate Christmas on Christmas day. When you sign on to work there you are told to forget about holidays off or even holiday pay. You are just supposed to suck it up and keep on going. Well, I am a massage therapist, I work in a spa. Wouldn't you think that we should be closed on days such as today? Nope. We are open from 9am til 6pm both days. I have to work today. I have an appointment at 2:30 and 3:30... Who is getting a damn massage today anyway??!!

I will be so glad when I finish my degree in computer science (even though I have 4 years to go) so I can get out of the filthy massage business... Well massage isn't filthy... just some of the damn people that come up from the casino to get a massage sometimes aren't the cleanest people in the world. I have to deal with people who have been drinking all day long and tell them they can't get a massage because they are intoxicated.

Best example of this happened a few months ago. I was at lunch in the Employee Dining Room (EDR) and the spa attendant (Courtney) called me and told me that my next client marked on his intake form that he had been drinking. She told me she asked him how much he had to drink in the past 4 hours and he said "4 hours... Hell more like 4 minutes... hahaha." and bragged about how he had been on a roll downstairs and drinking all day. She told him that he may not be able to receive his massage, but that was up to the disgression of his therapist... namely me.

When I got up there he was already in his robe and I met him at the men's entrance. I said "I have one question for you. How much have you had to drink in the past 4 hours?" He said only one drink... Then I asked how long ago that was and he looked at his non-existent watch on his wrist and said "Oh, over an hour ago."

I realized that he was trying to lie about his drinking. So I said "Sir, the attendant told me you had just had a drink before coming down here for your appointment." So he looks down at the floor and says "well, I finished one before I came down here."

I said that I wouldn't be able to give him a massage. He started going off that he had never had a problem getting a massage, and that he was not aware that you could not drink before getting a massage. I told him all about what could happen to him because massage (as well as alcohol) thins your blood, dehydrates you, and increases your circulation so even tho he might like the fact that massage increases the effects of alcohol on his brain it was still a contraindication to give him a massage if he has been drinking.

He kept saying... "Look at me... I am fine..." I told him "Sir, I am sorry, but I can't give you a massage if you are intoxicated." He leaned back as if I had offended him and said "I'm not intoxicated! Do I look intoxicated?" All I did was give a half sorry smile and shake my head yes. He gruffed and said "Why?" I said, "Firstly you have a very heavy odor of alcohol on your breath..." I didn't even get to finish and he said "Well Duh!" I didn't bother to go on about how his face was beat red, he was loud and boisterous (a little belligerent) and how he was slurring his words when speaking. I just said again "I am sorry sir, I am not going to be able to give you a massage today."

He proceeded to be loud and walked out to the reception desk in his robe and complain that he has never been told that he couldn't get a massage because he had been drinking. We tried to reschedule with him, but he said all the times we had available the next day he would be drunk probably, so he didn't reschedule.

He finally went back and got dressed. I hate dealing with that stuff. However, this guy decided that he really liked our spa and came back a few weeks later... had me for a therapist... and was stone sober. (I could tell from the pallor on his face and his subdued, quiet demeanor that he hadn't been drinking). He turned out to be a regular client of mine. He is a really good guy.. been through a lot ... loves his wife and dogs... etc.

Enough about that... Remind me one day to post on here about all the jerks that think they are getting something extra from me other than a professional massage! Now THAT is some crazy shit!

Take care and I hope your holidays are bright and gay... hehehe.


Friday, December 24, 2004


Yes, yet another year has rolled around on me. I was not worried about turning 30. I couldn't not wait actually. I wanted all the maturity that the ripe old age of 30-something allows. Now, on the 7th of January, that 30 will turn into a 31. I guess it is just a signal that .. yes True, you are getting older. I don't know if it really makes much of a difference. The only thing that I don't particularly care for is that my mom is getting older as well. I don't care how old I am, I only wish that my mother could remain timeless so I never have to worry about her getting older. I don't mind her getting older actually, it is only the fact that I don't know what I would ever do without her. My mother is my best friend, my heart, and sometimes my grounding. What would I do if she were no longer around for me to give her advice on her website, or her business of breeding chihuahuas? I have to stop. Speculating is making me very sad, and her not being around is something I, like I said earlier, never want to think of happening.

This is Tyler True. She is part beagle and catahoula. Only one of her eyes is that white/baby blue color, and no.. she is not blind in it.  Posted by Hello

Another pose for little Shelby. She is pretty tiny. Hard to tell here. Posted by Hello

Shelby Lynn True, the latest addition to my family. She is a semi-long hair lavender fawn chihuahua. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Went home to Wisconsin on the 12th through the 20th. It was a nice little repreave for a week. I didn't have to do much of anything. My mom likes to take care of mewhen I get home.. I cooked a few meals and cleaned for her tho, so it wasn't like I did NOTHING while I was there.
I got a new little chihuahua puppy for x-mas from a breeder friend of my mom. She is the most prescious thing! She has a great temperment and personality. She was quite content to be in her little Sherpa Bag on the flights home to Louisiana. Her name is Shelby Lynn True!
My dad decided to spend some time with me while I was home. We kind of did the Father Daughter stuff. He showed me wherer he works, took me out for drinks, and took me out to dinner! Great stuff! Had Walleye (don't know how to spell that one)
I am on call again today. I don't feel much like writing so I will end this here. Have a great holiday to everyone who reads this!!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Crazy Ass

Those are the first words that just came to my mind. I signed in to write a new blog and "ring ring" my damn cell phone goes off, and it is work! I was like.. well... hmmm it can't be my work.. I bet it is Crazy Ass Brooke calling me for the hell of it. Guess what... It was Crazy Ass Brooke. She tried in a very horribly unconvincing way to disguise her voice as one of the receptionists I work with to tell me "uuuuhhhmmm this is Roz from the Spa, and you have a 7:30 appointment for a 25 min massage.. uuuummmmmm" (giggle giggle). I said Yeah Right.. and laughed at her. How the hell did she think I wouldn't recognize her voice?... LOL Like I said... Crazy Ass Brooke! She was funny tho!

Other than that fiasco that just happened, I have been feeling a little better today. I took my English final today! I am hoping for at least a B on it so I can maintain an A in the class. I have my history exam tomorrow at 10:30. Then I have my math exam on Friday. I will be off to Wisconsin on Sunday!

When I return I will have a new little chihuahua. A little sister for my 6yr old, beagle/catahoula mix, Tyler. I don't know how she will feel about it, but she will get use to her.

Things between "Lynn" and I are going very nicely. Actually her mom said to me last night when I was making them dinner (I wanted to do something nice before I left) that she was really glad I was back. She was sweet. She told me that the night that I broke up with "Lynn" she came to her and asked her if she was really being that snappy with me, she didn't think she was. Her mom told her that if she were me she would have left a long time ago. She told her that I had put up with so much. I guess "Lynn" really didn't see any of it. It had to hit her in the face like a ton of bricks. Her mom again said that she was glad that I was back. I told her that I never wanted to leave in the first place, but I couldn't take it any longer. It was just a really tough time. I am thankful that I am back with her. Like I said, things have been really good since we got back together. I love that damn woman!

Headache... Headache... Headache!!!! Ugh.. This damn pounding needs to get out of my head. I have enough stress. I don't need a headache to remind me of that fact! :-/

That is all for now. If I don't post before I go to Wisconsin, have a great couple of weeks everyone (if anyone ever really reads this thing even)


Tuesday, December 07, 2004


So, final exams have arrived. This week I have 4 exams. Yesterday I had my dreaded psychology exam; tomorrow I have my dreaded English exam; Thursday I have my dreaded history exam; finally, I have my...Yes...dreaded math exam. Fortunately I have already gotten my psychology out of the way. I got a 90% on it !!! Woooo HOOOOOoo. So my grade in that class is an A!

I am going on day 6 of this nasty chest cold. If I am not coughing something up, then I am coughing nothing up, only dryness. Sometime in the middle of the night my whole throat and chest becomes amazingly dry. At this point at least I am no longer coughing.

Yet another change of subject... Early this morning at about 5:45am, I heard three quick pops. Then after a brief pause there were about 6 to 8 more steady pops. Now.. I was staying at my girlfriend's house, which is not in too good of a neighborhood, and so this wasn't the first time I had heard gunshots around that area. I immediately called 911 and reported the shooting.

I told the operator what I had heard and that it had startled me awake. So then she asks me if I saw if anyone was hurt, or if I saw what happened. I then repeated that it had startled me awake and I wasn't about to stick my head out the door to find out what had happened. We both giggled, and coughed at about the same time. "Everyone seems to have the crud these days" she said. (odd conversation to have in the middle of reporting multiple shots fired) So she finished by taking my name and told me that they would be sending a cruiser by. I felt better after that, but about 45 min to an hour later I heard the dog in the backyard (Milo) barking like crazy. At the same time my girlfriend's mother's little chihuahua was barking her little heart out as well. THIS kind of freaked me out. Needless to say I did not get hardly any sleep after my girlfriend left that morning for work about 4:30 or so.

Tiredness is setting in. By the way I got an A- on my research essay for English "Gay Marriage: An Uphill Struggle" I am going to post it here on this site. Hope you enjoy!

Have a great day, and hopefully next time I post I will be back from visiting my family in Wisconsin and have brought back a new little chihuahua baby.

Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Sickness Sets In

This is the third day I have not been able to work. My chest is so tight. I have a horrible cough. I couldn't work on a client even if I wanted to. No one wants their massage therapist to be coughing through the whole massage! UGH!

Anwyay I am too tired to say anything else. I have to go to the computer lab on campus to study for my psychology final on monday... Double UGH! Bye!

Thursday, December 02, 2004


What can I say today other than I have the first cold I have had in the past 6 months. The last time I was sick I had strep... Yuck. Now I ahve a cold 10 days before I have to get on a plane and fly back home to Wisconsin. I hope that it will be done with by the time I have to leave.

This is the last week of school. Next week is finals. Am I ready? Somewhat. I have to study really hard for my psychology, and my history. I need to go through my math past homeworks and assignments to refresh my memory on the stuff we did at the beginning of the semester. Of course the english essay is going to kick my ass. I don't even know what I got on my research paper. I would post it here, but it is like9 pages long.. :-). If you want to see it, make a comment and I will email it to you. It is called "Gay Marriage: An Uphill Struggle." I will get it back tomorrow and see what the damage is.

That is it for now. Can't think of anything else to complain about.

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