Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Crazy Ass

Those are the first words that just came to my mind. I signed in to write a new blog and "ring ring" my damn cell phone goes off, and it is work! I was like.. well... hmmm it can't be my work.. I bet it is Crazy Ass Brooke calling me for the hell of it. Guess what... It was Crazy Ass Brooke. She tried in a very horribly unconvincing way to disguise her voice as one of the receptionists I work with to tell me "uuuuhhhmmm this is Roz from the Spa, and you have a 7:30 appointment for a 25 min massage.. uuuummmmmm" (giggle giggle). I said Yeah Right.. and laughed at her. How the hell did she think I wouldn't recognize her voice?... LOL Like I said... Crazy Ass Brooke! She was funny tho!

Other than that fiasco that just happened, I have been feeling a little better today. I took my English final today! I am hoping for at least a B on it so I can maintain an A in the class. I have my history exam tomorrow at 10:30. Then I have my math exam on Friday. I will be off to Wisconsin on Sunday!

When I return I will have a new little chihuahua. A little sister for my 6yr old, beagle/catahoula mix, Tyler. I don't know how she will feel about it, but she will get use to her.

Things between "Lynn" and I are going very nicely. Actually her mom said to me last night when I was making them dinner (I wanted to do something nice before I left) that she was really glad I was back. She was sweet. She told me that the night that I broke up with "Lynn" she came to her and asked her if she was really being that snappy with me, she didn't think she was. Her mom told her that if she were me she would have left a long time ago. She told her that I had put up with so much. I guess "Lynn" really didn't see any of it. It had to hit her in the face like a ton of bricks. Her mom again said that she was glad that I was back. I told her that I never wanted to leave in the first place, but I couldn't take it any longer. It was just a really tough time. I am thankful that I am back with her. Like I said, things have been really good since we got back together. I love that damn woman!

Headache... Headache... Headache!!!! Ugh.. This damn pounding needs to get out of my head. I have enough stress. I don't need a headache to remind me of that fact! :-/

That is all for now. If I don't post before I go to Wisconsin, have a great couple of weeks everyone (if anyone ever really reads this thing even)


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Drew said...

I read this thing!


I could learn a thing or two from you - namely brevity. I'm always long winded and not nearly as mature [I call it "neatspeak"] as I probably should be.

I'm terribly excited about you and Lynn and hope things work out. Meantime, take care, enjoy Wisconsin, and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! :)

...feel free to IM me sometime [GuinnessAML] - I'd love to talk with you.

Take care,


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