Saturday, December 25, 2004

This Day

It seems that every year since I have been working for the casino (the past 4 years) I have not been able to celebrate Christmas on Christmas day. When you sign on to work there you are told to forget about holidays off or even holiday pay. You are just supposed to suck it up and keep on going. Well, I am a massage therapist, I work in a spa. Wouldn't you think that we should be closed on days such as today? Nope. We are open from 9am til 6pm both days. I have to work today. I have an appointment at 2:30 and 3:30... Who is getting a damn massage today anyway??!!

I will be so glad when I finish my degree in computer science (even though I have 4 years to go) so I can get out of the filthy massage business... Well massage isn't filthy... just some of the damn people that come up from the casino to get a massage sometimes aren't the cleanest people in the world. I have to deal with people who have been drinking all day long and tell them they can't get a massage because they are intoxicated.

Best example of this happened a few months ago. I was at lunch in the Employee Dining Room (EDR) and the spa attendant (Courtney) called me and told me that my next client marked on his intake form that he had been drinking. She told me she asked him how much he had to drink in the past 4 hours and he said "4 hours... Hell more like 4 minutes... hahaha." and bragged about how he had been on a roll downstairs and drinking all day. She told him that he may not be able to receive his massage, but that was up to the disgression of his therapist... namely me.

When I got up there he was already in his robe and I met him at the men's entrance. I said "I have one question for you. How much have you had to drink in the past 4 hours?" He said only one drink... Then I asked how long ago that was and he looked at his non-existent watch on his wrist and said "Oh, over an hour ago."

I realized that he was trying to lie about his drinking. So I said "Sir, the attendant told me you had just had a drink before coming down here for your appointment." So he looks down at the floor and says "well, I finished one before I came down here."

I said that I wouldn't be able to give him a massage. He started going off that he had never had a problem getting a massage, and that he was not aware that you could not drink before getting a massage. I told him all about what could happen to him because massage (as well as alcohol) thins your blood, dehydrates you, and increases your circulation so even tho he might like the fact that massage increases the effects of alcohol on his brain it was still a contraindication to give him a massage if he has been drinking.

He kept saying... "Look at me... I am fine..." I told him "Sir, I am sorry, but I can't give you a massage if you are intoxicated." He leaned back as if I had offended him and said "I'm not intoxicated! Do I look intoxicated?" All I did was give a half sorry smile and shake my head yes. He gruffed and said "Why?" I said, "Firstly you have a very heavy odor of alcohol on your breath..." I didn't even get to finish and he said "Well Duh!" I didn't bother to go on about how his face was beat red, he was loud and boisterous (a little belligerent) and how he was slurring his words when speaking. I just said again "I am sorry sir, I am not going to be able to give you a massage today."

He proceeded to be loud and walked out to the reception desk in his robe and complain that he has never been told that he couldn't get a massage because he had been drinking. We tried to reschedule with him, but he said all the times we had available the next day he would be drunk probably, so he didn't reschedule.

He finally went back and got dressed. I hate dealing with that stuff. However, this guy decided that he really liked our spa and came back a few weeks later... had me for a therapist... and was stone sober. (I could tell from the pallor on his face and his subdued, quiet demeanor that he hadn't been drinking). He turned out to be a regular client of mine. He is a really good guy.. been through a lot ... loves his wife and dogs... etc.

Enough about that... Remind me one day to post on here about all the jerks that think they are getting something extra from me other than a professional massage! Now THAT is some crazy shit!

Take care and I hope your holidays are bright and gay... hehehe.


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