Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Matter Of Time

I can honestly say that yesterday was full of craziness. I good friend of mine found herself practically homeless because her roommates decided to raise her rent an extra 50 and not give her any extra time to come up with it. Believe me, this woman has been running into roadblocks her whole life and she really didnt' need any money hungry little 21 year olds that can't keep up with their own finances (so they charge others more) bringing her down. THEN to top it all off, she caught the girl she had been seeing in a lie (she wasn't laying down in HER bed when she told my friend she was going to bed, she was at her other girlfriend's house apparently).

All this has happened only a day or so after she finds out that her mother (who is the guardian of her 14 and 12 yr olds) told the boys that she didn't want them anymore and their mom (my friend) didn't want them, so she was going to give them back to the state. Can you imagine what kind of trauma those boys must be enduring. The mental anguish alone is enough to make me cringe. The grandmother (my friend's mom Trisha) is one unstable cookie herself. The only reason the 14 yr old was born was because Trisha orchestrated the rape of her own daughter because her own tubes were tied and she wanted to have another child. So, my friend at 13 years old was raped, and had her first child at 14 because of that rape.

If it isn't one thing, it is another. I don't know what kind of lesson this is all supposed to be teaching her. Actually, if she stops looking at this as a negative thing, and turns it around into a positive, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

1.If her mom does decide to turn in the boys to the state, then my friend has a chance in getting them back (I am not even going into why the grandmother has them in the first place).
2. Because the people who she rents her little one room bungalow (in the backyard and she had to go to the main house for running water) decided to raise her rent and just basically push her out, she is now going to be staying with me in my apartment with all the running water and central air she can handle (she will have to sleep on the couch tho but I would trade that for what she had anyday AND my couch is REALLY comfy!)
3. Now she knows why the girl she was seeing would run hot and cold. Why she would be sweet to her one minute and completely rude to her the next (which my friend excused because she this girl manipulates well). She knows now that this girl isnt' worth her time.

Unfortunately it is #3 that is the most difficult for her to handle at this moment. When her heart strings are tugged like that, it is hard for her to recover. She knows that there are these positive things that will come from all the negative, but it is difficult for her to see the forest for the trees. She has a great group of friends that are rallying around her. There are plenty of support mechanisms for her to utilize. I know that, with our help, she will come out on top of all this. It is just a matter of time.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Good Times!

The birthday girl in all her glory (I don't remember what she was saying here but it looks funny as hell!

Left to right: Heather, Jason, Nicole, Me, and Stevi in the front.

I just want to say that some good times were had over at althea's last friday night. I really enjoyed myself. It was good to meet some new people and laugh my ass off. I really don't know why I didn't drink. I had the perfect opportunity to get smashed... I just live 2 stairwells down from her apt. I could have litterally crawled home from there. BUT.. I think I was having too much fun laughing at all the craziness! So, CHEERS ALTHEA.. and Happy Birthday!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Appreciation for Anne

 A woman who was a strong actress, and who was less known than she should have been. Anne Bancroft died today at age 73 of cancer. I guess I didn't realize when I heard it on the radio today just who this was. Out of all the acting besides Demi Moore in G.I. Jane I do believe that Anne Bancroft's character was the best! She owned that bitchy politician's character! I LOVEd the interaction between her and Demi in their heated debate to get Demi's character reinstated.

I have heard of many celebrities dying. Some recently, some not. I guess her death just kind of hit me hard. I did not know half the stuff about her I know now after reading up on her since her passing. This one really saddens me.

I realized that I have actually been looking to buy a TV movie called "Homecoming" and guess who the lead in it was... Yes.. Anne Bancroft! I absolutely loved that movie. It is kind of obscure, you don't see it on the shelves anywhere. It was put out by Hallmark Entertainment. Now, unfortunately, it will be even harder to find.

Anyway, I just had to share my condolences to all who will take them and say that her death has really touched me today. I hope she is where she needs to be now.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Gratuitous Plug

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Have fun!


Friday, April 01, 2005

My Explosion

I watch your face as we kiss. The softness of your expression overwhelms my senses and makes me kiss you even harder. The heaviness of your eyes weighs on my heart causing it to feel crushed. I am crushed, I am crushed on you. Your power is flooding over me in waves of passion that have only begun to surmount my desire for you.

I am still watching you. I am watching you with a longing glance to wish you could see what I see at this very moment. I wish you could see yourself. I wish you could see that transformation in your face when we kiss passionately. The seriousness, the desire, the want in your face is so evident at this very moment as our mouths and tongues embrace. I see your brow furrow ever so slightly when I scratch my nails down your back. You moan with delight and a smile comes across those tender lips as they are still kissing mine.

I could kiss you for hours. I never want to stop. It feels way too damn good to ever want to take this pleasure away from either of us. To ever stop touching you, to ever stop kissing you. When we are apart my desire only grows. It seems to settle only for brief moments until something triggers my mind into thinking of you again, and then my desire starts to boil again.

Tender moments are shared between us over and over again. Ours is a tenderness that can only be defined in the look on your face when you are kissing me slowly and passionately. Our intimacy is so intense at times that I feel as if I will explode. I know I have, either in tears or in other ways that are unmentionable here. I explode into you; I want my explosion to surround you, to encompass you, to envelope you in its extreme heat and cleansing flame. This explosion is not a destructive one, but an optimistic one because each time we emerge from the flames it renews our sense of want for each other.

I want you. I want to hold you. I want to make love to you passionately and strongly. I want to throw you down and have my way with you knowing that you will do the same to me after I have made you scream my name. I want to be with you more and more every day. I want more and more every day. I want to know that you feel the same about me as I have stated here. I want to know that I am going in the right direction with you. I want to know that you feel this fire between us just as much as I do. I want to overwhelm you with pleasure as you have done for me. I want you to know that as long as I am with you, I am never lonely.


Sunday, March 27, 2005


Sunday, March 27, 2005
Your current dilemma may be apparent but solving it is not necessarily easy. You know what you need in love and you know what you can give. Why is it so hard to get your needs met? Remember, Capricorn, there is a big difference between the idea of love and the reality of it. It may be easier to just enjoy your friends for a few days. Treat yourself the way you wish a lover would.

"...there is a big difference between the idea of love and the reality of it." Lets just say that I guess I do have difficulties with that sometimes. Right now I feel overwhelmed with the intensity. I have forgotten my favorite quote by W.H. Auden:

"Passion, even in it's wildest tantrums, can neither pursuade me it is love, nor make me wish it weren't"

So, why did I say the thing I said the other night? Because I felt it. It was practically pulled out of me, but that doesn't mean that I didn't mean it. I feel I said it a little prematurely. I guess I feel like I didn't want to say it just yet. I didn't. But I did say it, and I do not regret it.

This morning was rough. Actually last night I had a freaking blast! But before bed it seemed to get all messed up. I woke up in a pretty bad mood. I even had thought I should throw my walls back up, like.. what the hell am I doing. I guess I was having some doubts. I was pretty pissed. However, it all freaking melted away when she rolled over and held me. Her touch took all the negativity away. I melted under her hands. I knew that I was just being moody and that I shouldn't dwell on it all. I have let it go.

Now I am just wishing she were near to me right now. I want her here in my arms. I want to hold her body close to me and weave myself into her. I forget all my worries in that place. I feel so comfortable. I feel like I can't get close enough to her; like I can't get enough of her. I know I can't. I want more. I want to experience so many things with her. Even if that means experiencing eachother at our low points.

So, getting back to my horoscope, the reality of love, I feel, is the actions of it. I believe that you can say that you love someone all day long, but if you never show it then it is never real. I was in a 9 month relationship with someone that would tell me she loved me all the time, but never met my needs. Her actions never matched her words. Now I am with someone that meets my needs (and more) and that makes the words not necessary.

For now I am just taking it all in (good and bad) and loving every minute of it. I want more, I can never get enough. Give me more!


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ok.. This... Is... well.. umm.. yeah Dwayne was giving the camera his model look!..LOL Posted by Hello

awe she loves my doggie.. can i tell you how great that is??? It is AWESOME!! They get along so good! Posted by Hello

Ahhh all the firends.. Leslie, Dwayne , Jennifer, And me Posted by Hello

D... runk Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today and Everyday

Went over to my friend Dwayne's apartment last night. It had been a while since he and i had hung out. I missed him. He is my boy... the only guy i feel close to. He gets to hear all my intimate secrets. (well not all but a good amount)

We watched the whole first season of "Coupling." It is a british comedy.. pretty much all about sex and friends...LOL> IT is hillarious! Naughty Naughty!

We stayed up talking afterwards. Well.. It was pretty much just me talking. I had to fill him in on a few things since i hadn't really gotten the chance to talk to him in a loooong time. When we are at work together and there are no clients to take care of, we can just talk for hours... It is crazy. I love it.. I have a brother, but Dwayne is like a brother to me that I can REALLY talk to, AND who is interested in hearing about my life. He gets excited for me when I am excited about something! He says he gets to live vicariously through me. Well, he should never get bored with that then.. heheh.

So, last night was all about filling him in on J. He had heard a little about her, but there was so much more I had to tell him. He is so excited for me. He can see how happy I am right now and he loves it. He is a little envious as well. It is so cute.. he says, "Damn Melissa, Where do you find these women? You need to find me someone! You're so lucky, it seems like you found the perfect one."

I say, "Yeah. Perfect, but for one small glitch, she is moving 3 hours away at the end of summer." That is all I have to say about that. I have been in long distance relationships before. I know how they can work and how they can fail. I know that I would not have a problem with being faithful while in a relationship like that, but I have been burned very badly like that.

Then I think about how the other long distance relationships started out. I never had a chance to be with the person on a day to day basis. It was always about spending time with eachother one weekend here and a week there. They always seemed to be a fantasy world that we never had to be serious in or get really deep, or argue or see eachother on a daily basis to know how the other person REALLY was. I have never had a relationship that started off solid, real and local (so-to-speak) and then turned into long distance. I am scared. I really am. I prolly shouldn't be worrying about this right now. I guess I am not worried about it. I am just dreading it because the one thing I don't want... is to lose what I have with her right now. I could honestly see myself maintaining a long distance relationship with her. I know that she is only moving away because she HAS to to finish out school, but what happens after that? What happens in the semester or two that she is finally finished? Where will she go? Would she move back up here? She said something about her mom hooking her up with a job in the hospital or something, so she was already thinking about moving back up here.

I don't know. All I know is that I have about 4 more years to go before I can go anywhere. I have to finish out my degree and THEN i have all the freedom in the world to move where I want to. Believe me... I would move in a heartbeat if it meant 2 things, ..1 If I were to be closer to my mom, ..2 If I were to make shit loads of money in computer forensics! LOL!

None of that really matters tho if I didnt' have someone to share it with. I want to share my life with someone that wants to share theirs with me as well. I really want to share my life with J. That is how I feel right now. I guess since it is raining outside that I am getting all sentimental and shit. I don't even know how she feels about all of this. We have pretty much not discussed it, other than to say that neither one of us would do a long distance relationship again. Well, I am now realizing that, if it is good enough, I would do anything to keep this going.

I think I will end this now. I dont' want to get into trouble for getting too deep. (into trouble with myself) So... I will end this little (actually long..LOL) blog with some sexy sexy lyric by Melissa Ferrick!


if you want this
if you want this
if you want this you’re going to have to ask
nicely please
yeah if you want this
you’re going to have to ask me
you’re going to have to ask me

whatever you want
i’ll give it to you
i’ll give it to you slowly
‘till you’re just begging me to hold you
ya whatever you want
whatever you want
but you’re going to have to ask me

your mouth waters
stretched out on my bed
your fingers are trembling
and your heart is heavy and red
and your head is bent back
and your back is arched
my hand is under there
holding you up

i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you baby ‘till you feel the daylight
i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you ‘till you feel the daylight
that’s right
that’s right

in the kitchen
in the shower
and in the back seat of my car
i’ll hold you up
in your office
preferably during business hours
‘cause you know how I like it when there’s people around
and I know how you like it
yeah I know how you like it
I know how you like it when I tease you for hours

your mouth waters
stretched out on my bed
your fingers are trembling
and your heart is heavy and red
and your head is bent back
and your back is arched
and my hand is under there
holding you up

i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you baby ‘till you feel the daylight
i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you ‘till you feel the daylight
oh and this has just begun

yeah this has just begun
because we haven’t even gotten started yet
I haven’t even
I haven’t even tied you up
I haven’t even turned you over
this is where I want to live
right here between your hips
where all the love you hold and hide
it’s where it lives
right here between your hips
this is where I want to live
it’s where all the love you give exists

your mouth waters
stretched out on my bed
your fingers are trembling
and your heart is heavy and red
your head is bent back
your back is arched
my hand is under there
holding you up

i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you baby ‘till you feel the daylight
i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you baby ‘’till you feel the daylight
that’s right
that’s right
that’s right
that’s right
i’ll hold you up
that’s right
that’s right
i’ll drive you all night

Thursday, March 10, 2005


This has to be shared!


For those of you who read my blog on here I am mainly posting on my mySpace account. I am going to give you a link to the last two blogs on there, but if you want to just read all my myspace blogs go to the link to the right of this page.

Bitter Sweet

Not Distant



Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Missing you is like missing an afternoon full of wonderful breezes and warm sunbeams

Missing you is like missing that fuzzy feeling you get when remembering something wonderful and exciting

Missing you is like missing the fresh smell of clean clothes just out of the drier

Missing you is like missing the feel of fresh soft sheets on your bed

Missing you is like missing puppydog kisses with their puppydog breath

Missing you is like missing a cozy snuggle on a comfy couch in front of a good movie

Missing you is like missing when you hear a song on the radio that brings you back to good memories

Missing you is like missing your favorite soft stuffed animal from when you were a child

Missing you is like missing that first taste of an amazing desert

Missing you is like missing spooning with someone who just seems to fit

Missing you is like missing sitting in a grassy field on a blanket with a basket full of beer and great food

Missing you is like missing a good friend's advice

Missing you is like missing..... YOU!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wild and Crazy Neighbors!

The other night i went over to my new neighbor's place. The just happened to move in to the building next to mine in my apartment complex. This was the first party they had over there. Dana and Althea Rock. I put some photos up on this blog, but here is the link to my webshots to check out more of the nights festivities (click here). Also... Little miss althea had her camera out as well and even got a few shots of ME... LOL so check out Scandalthea's LiveJournal for more photos!

Laters Taters! ;-)


HA... drunk asses... But a great shot!!! Posted by Hello

Melissa and Rachel... aweeeeee Posted by Hello

I said to katie and brooke... "Smile REALLY hard!" hahah Posted by Hello

Brooke getting an O'Dooles! Good stuff, also.. notice a nice democratic sticker on that fridge? Posted by Hello

This isn't my first rodeo she said...LOL Rachel trying to take photos with her phone...  Posted by Hello

Althea posing in her oh so scandalthea way Posted by Hello

The infamous Scandlathea! Posted by Hello

Melissa and Rachel Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 26, 2005


This is how I sooo feel right now I am so loving the newness right now!

The Touch Of Taste
The mind's in the eye where wonders glow,
And the heart's in the chest where flutters grow,
But the tongue's in the mouth where fancies do flow,
And that is a taste we all should know.

For this is a tickling, soft and true.
You cannot mistake even one subtle hue.
Taunting and tearing the tongue's sweet embrace,
Then trickling tenderly in the soft touch of taste.

Melissa A. True

Copyright ©2005 Melissa A. True

Saturday, February 12, 2005

So much for substance. Let's talk about SEX!

This is really how I am. It is crazy! If you ever wanted to know what I was like sexually well here is your answer! Wow!

Friday, February 11, 2005

So when is enough enough already?

So.. I haven't posted anything substantial in a ... Well..I guess in quite some time. I have been pretty busy with school/work/online quizzes(apparently)/and meeting new people.

I guess you can say that I really love to meet new and interesting people. I need to feel like I am learning from everyone I meet. I thrive on new experiences.

I just took my first major math exam today. I know that there was one wrong on it. Other than that I am not sure how I did. I know I passed it. I am pretty sure I got an A. If not then it was only because of a stupid mistake. It wasn't' as difficult as I thought it was going to be... Pre-calculus algebra is only the beginning, UGH! I still have Calc 1 and Calc 2 to look forward to in my computer science degree. But, I will deal with that when it comes.

My job is still the same boring job it has always been, until someone starts stealing our tips and then denies it and goes after the one who reported her. UGH... What the hell. I don't care if you stole it. I don't care if you did it or not. Just tell me how the communication was dropped from the evening shift to the morning shift and the tip was mysteriously LOST!!! Then of course after she badgers the one who reported her (I did as well tho but the other one is weak and she is intimidated by me) She tells her that She talked to me and I said that she did give me the tip that Saturday.. HUH??? Yeah.. I am confused about that since I haven't even spoken to her about this since it happened. Wow.. Trifling bitches I tell you... I don't' care.. It was 10 bucks! But, if you add that up to 10 bucks a day for 5 days a week and in 2 weeks she has herself an extra 100 bucks free and clear. STOP THE LIES DAMNIT!

I have been having difficulties trying to figure out where I want to go for spring break. I don't' know if I am going to go anywhere. I was really thinking about going to Dallas to meet up with an old friend there. I always have a good time with Gena` She is the BOMB! But, something is calling me further south in Texas, hmmmm wonder what that could be. Never know, but a few days spent in a couple different places might be fun!

OK..I think I will just end on a quote some of you might recognize, but really inspires me sometimes.

I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A little bird will fall dead, frozen from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself.
D. H. Lawrence
English novelist (1885 - 1930)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

My Love Profile!

Right on! I seem to embody these things. I have learned to work throught the negative items, but still have to work at it sometimes. Enjoy!

Capricorn - Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:

You are serious about relationships and ready for a commitment. You tend to help your partner attain the success they dream of. You are a rock. Relationship problems don't seem to phase you.

Your negative traits:

Sometimes it's very hard for you to accept your parnter's past. You are emotionally reserved, and difficult to connect with. You expect your partner to take care of you - and may cheat if they do not

Your ideal partner:

Is incredibly powerful and well respected. Is often older than you - and could be a superior at work. Has a good amount of money... or the ability to be rich someday.

Your dating style:

Practical. A "get to know each other" coffee date is just fine by you.

Your seduction style:

Bossy - you like to be the one in charge in the bedroom. Slow and patient. You know that good sex takes time.

Calculating. You'll use sex to get ahead, if necessary.

Tips for the future:

Open up. A little emotional expression is a good thing in relationships. Leap before you look. You don't have to run a cost benefit sheet on everyone you date. Enjoy the now. No need to worry about marriage on the first few dates.

Best place to meet someone online:

eHarmony - they'll automatically match you with someone who's as driven as you are

Best color to attract mate: Dark green

Best day for a date: Saturday

Get your free love profile at Blogthings.

My Emotional Quotient

Your EQ is


50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!

51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.

71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.

91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.

111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.

150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

Just Dirty! hehe

Your Element Is Earth

You excel at planning and strategizing.
You could be a champ at chess or Survivor.

Well grounded, you are able to be realistic and rationalize.
On the inside, you have a hard core. It's tough to phase you.

You are super productive, and you are able to think anything through.
Focused and super charged, your instincts are a good guide for your next step.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

It is a MUST that you do this!

Ask me four questions. Any four, no matter how personal, private or random.

I will answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.

In turn, you post this message in your own journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.


Hmmmm, So I have recently been back in touch with an old friend. Well, an old ex. She is someone that I was with in the very beginning of my journey into myself and being a lesbian. I met her at Shephard AFB in Witchita Falls (sp?) Texas back in 1993 in tech school for the Air Force. She totally blew me away. I was no match for her seductive, and kwirky ways. She layed it on me hard. I could not resist her. I loved the flirting, and the kissing, and the... well.. you know.

Thinking back on that time I see how completely confusing and complicated things were for me. Not only was I fresh in the military, but I had just realized that I had feelings for my closest friend there. Val was my first girlfriend and a character. I won't go into that because that is something for a completely different post. I am talking about D. right now. Don't want to use her name to protect the innocent (haven't gotten permission to anyway). Let's just say that I was in no shape to think straight at all... well anyway you look at that term it fits..hehe.

So, in tech school on my first day we were walking down the hall and this woman stopped. This totally cute, adorable woman stopped and looked at me. I don't remember what was said, she may. I know it was probably something witty and humorous tho. But at that instant someone other than Val was on my mind. I guess you could say that she was the second woman I was ever attracted to conciously. As it turned out, however, she was the first woman to ever make me orgasm. Not the first I slept with, but ... well.. you get the idea. Things were always very affectionate with her. I think I got my first dose of pure passion with D. I kind of regret how we went our separate ways on that one.

Now, we are back in touch. It was a day about a month ago when I signed into yahoo messanger for no apparent reason and forgot that I signed up for it over 3 years ago, and had at that time found D. and added her. We talked back then, but I was in a long term relationship at the time, so.. it was kind of hard. She sounded great then! So, forgetting about all this, I see that she is online. OMG...! I send her a message, and, well.. I miss her.

I am single this time, and she is not. I am glad she has found someone to rock her world. I don't know why I was even feeling odd about it since D. and I really don't even know eachother. I don't know... Just felt weird about it. Old emotions have a way of flooding back in, and totally whiping out any reason you had to suppress them. (like cancelling on me when I had tickets to see her in germany)

I noticed that someone had checked out my blog from oswego.edu. I do believe that is the college she is attending right now. So she will most likely read this blog. D, do you ever just want to rewind time (keeping our current memory intact) to the night that we were snowed in in the hollows of WV? To when we ruined our clothes trying to get the rental car out of the mud and snow? To when things were simpler between us and there was no one else? I know.. why the hell am I thinking all this? I don't know... Just felt like putting it out there.


I want to ask to be found but I don’t know if you’re capable of the search

These words jumped out at me recently. So elequently stated. Such a profound meaning. What can you do? Only hope.

Ok.. i am very very tired.. I have a right mind to fall asleep typing this post. I am about to.. so...zzzzzzzzzzz....

Just kidding.

School is well, love is hell, I met a new friend, no story to tell,

ugh! I am so corny.. well delerious is more like it.

Ok.. promise..I will rest my head on my little pillow soon.. very soon!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy Bday To Me!

Ok here is the MOST recent photo of me. This was taken at Superior Bar and Grill here in Shreveport, LA. This was probably after about 3 margaritas! They have the BEST in the area! Besides, it was my 31st bday! I Tried to have a good time! Read more about it in my blog titled Birthday Bitternes. I am much better now tho ;-) Posted by Hello

All You Need Is Friends!

She is going to prolly kill me for putting her photo up here, but oh well. I thought it was cute. She was sitting in front of my computer as she was fixing it. I don't know what she was laughing about, but we had a good time that day!!! Thanks again Jenny! You're a lifesaver! Posted by Hello

Monday, January 31, 2005

I am a little star struck right now. I Massaged Tia Texada (Sgt Cruiz from Third Watch) about a month ago and she actually sent this to me. It is a little hard to read so let me tell you "Melissa -- Thanks for an amazing massage. All the best to you! Tia Texada" Posted by Hello

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