Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ball Python Shedding & Other Happenings

Well, Selene is about to shed. Her eyes have turned that milky blue everyone talks about before they shed. Once the eyecaps are not blue anymore, they will usually shed within the next 24 hours.

Her belly is still pink, but it doesn't look half as raw as it did. I switched her to Silvadene burn cream instead of the furacin. I am hoping it will work better. There is a guy named DrewTime on the Ball-Pythons.net forums that has been using this cream on his little girl with the same type burns. She is almost healed now!! So happy for him on that one! I like optimism.

What can I say. I started my spring semester at LSUS today. That was great. I only had one class and that was my computer class. We are going to be learning Java! Cool. I don't know exactly what that means but I am eager to learn. I think I will be asking a lot more questions later when I get more comfortable in the class.

Went to see the move Closer yesterday with my friend Connie. I loved it. OMG it is so dark and raw. It delves deep into the sexual psyche. Just to see Natalie Portman do the splits and pull her panties to the side (well that was blocked by the bloke's head) was a thrill in itself.

Lynn stopped by tonight to give me a birthday present that she ordered and was on backorder. It is this amazing tapestry of Middle Earth from a website with some awesome stuff. Go to What On Earth and check it out. GREAT stuff.

I think I will post some photos of Selene and her Eye Caps here. Oh.. by the way.. the new little guy I got ate the first time I tried to feed him. IT WAS AWESOME!!! What a champ. I think he will be just fine. Laters!

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