Saturday, January 08, 2005

Birthday Bitterness

Hmmm I suppose I should post on here since it is my birthday and all.. well actually yesterday was, but I changed the date. So... went out to Superior for some marvelous margaritas.. 3 to be exact... I still had one on the table when we (Lynn and I) left. Brooke had gotten it for me. I kind of wish that I had gone out later. Everyone that I like showed up after 7. Anyway... I got pretty toasted and I know that Lynn wasn't having a good time, she didn't feel good. So I took it upon myself to decide to go. UGH.. She didn't get me a card. She got me some perfume earlier and since I saw the box and knew it was my perfume she gave it to me early (Like a week early). I know she has something else on order for me, but I am kind of sad that I didn't get a card on my birthday... AND she didn't even offer to pay for anything at Superior.. I took care of it all. So.. Yeah.. I have a little birthday bitterness.

Maybe I ask for too much. I don't know. Maybe I am asking for the wrong things. Maybe I am asking the wrong person. I am still having doubts about how happy I am in this relationship. Sometimes I just want to run... like now. I am in a co-dependent relationship. She needs me and I can't seem to stop myself from being there for her. But I don't' seem to be getting it back in return. She just doesn't have time for it. She works way too damn much! UGH UGH UGH!. Ok.. so I have to go now. I am going on about this too much.

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