Thursday, January 27, 2005

Computer Shit

Well.. Couldn't think of a catchy title so there ya go. Hehe. Yes, my computer has decided to go on vacation for a little while. Apparently it didn't like the fact that I upgraded to XP and then tried to reinstall my sound drivers because after doing so and it freezing up and me having to do a system restore from a previous time, it only gives me a blck screen with the mouse pointer. Hmmmm. can move the pointer, but can't even do Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart it. So.......... I am frustrated.

My ex decided to throw herself at me practically the other night. Apparently she thinks that by kissing me it will make it all better and I will want to take her back a SECOND time. Nope... I held out. Even tho the only thing I had been wanting from her is some attention and affection and she was seemingly trying to give that to me (of course way too late for that). I am usually a week person. I tend to give in to someone trying to seduce me, Life is too short right? Well I knew that this person was the wrong person to allow that to. I knew it would have meant more for her than for me, and so... I did not kiss her. I had to walk away and leave her standing there because I was simply to the point that I wanted to explode!

Enough about that. I will blog more when I am not in class. I have a 9:10 computer Java Programming class (which I am in the classroom right now) so I have to take off!


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