Friday, January 28, 2005


So, my computer is up and running again thanks to that cool little computer chickie I met recently. Props to ya there!!! Well.. it is up and running silently anyway. I seem to be having a problem with my sound card going from ME to XP. It is showing that it is there, but no sound is coming out. When I play a song on Windows Media Player it even shows the little bars going up and down to the beat, but no music. There really should be no reason for them to not work. I am not going to try and uninstall my driver and then reinstall it only to have it go crazy on me again... well.. maybe if I just do the driver it will work, instead of doing the full install... I don't know... ugh.. i really ... ReALLY want to try it, but man if I have to redo my OS again then I have to go through a 3rd time of doing all my updates and loading SP 2 for XP... awe the hell with it.. it is going to kill me until i try this simple little thing.. Ok.. I will let you all know if it turns out ok.. bye!

[hopefully not for too long]

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True said...

So ummm it didn't work.. it just uninstalled. I restarted, and then it foundthe new hardware and the software for it and reinstalled the driver. BUT, like I said, still can only hear the soft humming of my hardrive fan.

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