Friday, January 14, 2005

Genetics of a Morph

In trying to explain the genetics of my new little baby boy I will just post this here from a convo i had with a friend

MelTrue7yeah he isbeautiful too.. it is tough.. i can't handle hime for like a week since i just got him yesterday...

KatieN42what's the probability that they will produce an albino?

MelTrue7yeah the guy is very reputable, but is going ahead and buying an albino to breed

MelTrue7the actual terms for him is that he is Heterozygous (Het) for albino. He looks normal, and when bred to a female that is also Het. for albino then the odds are this .... 25%will be albino...50% will be Het. for albino (normal looking)... and 25% will just be normal (no chance to produce an albino at all from this set)

MelTrue7So if you have 4 eggs your chances are 1 will be albino 2 will be Hets. and 1 will be normal. The confusing and hard part comes when you realize that the Hets. and the Normal.. all look the same.. so in those 3 snakes 2 will be het.. but you dont' know which one until you breed them to find out.. So they are called 66% Possible Hets.

MelTrue7LOL ya following me.

MelTrue7if you ever had to learn the Punit square thingy (sp?) in biology or anything.. that is where all this comes from

MelTrue7If I bred him to an albino female (no chance of affording one of thos tho...) I would get 50% Albinos and 50% Het for albinos. NO NORMALS.. so all the normal looking ones you already know will have the genes to produce an albino. When this happens they aren't possible hets.. they are 100% Hets for Albino.

MelTrue7Bet you never thought you would be getting a schooling on the genetics of producing morphs in ball pythons...LOL

KatieN42you're absolutely right

MelTrue7sorry to more you with all of that...LOL

KatieN42but i remember it all from bio.


So there you have the genetics info on why my new little baby boy is so special. I will be posting photos on here soon, Well in about a week or so after he settles into his new home. I was going to take some of Selene, but she just had to move to my house and into a new enclosure. I will post a photo of her enclosure with her in it, but I need to give her a settling in period of a week as well.

Unfortunately with her I still have to handle her to give her antibiotics twice a day and put the ointment on her belly, but other than that.. no major handling. She needs to relax!!! and get better! The vet said she looked 100 times better, and that she really didnt' think she was going to make it. Well it is still a little touch and go since she hasn't eaten, but she looks like she is going to be shedding soon, so they usually fast before they shed. I need to wait till after that to try and feed her. Hopefully her appetite will come back. I dont' know about you, but I wouldn't want to be constricting my hurt body around something in her state either!


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