Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Title To Come Later

And the world does go on. I am newly single. Yes.. I that is what I said, I am no longer in a relationship with "Lynn". I ended it on sunday. It was a big miscommunication with her jumping to conclusions as usual, and lashing out at me because she was hurt.. but didn't tell me all that. UGH! Regardless of the circumstances, it was only a matter of time. I think that it just took this last argument for me to see that I couln't go back. We just didn't click, well not for me anyway.

Don't get me wrong. i love her... I do.. I just don't love her they way she needs me to... or the way I need me to. I am not going back again. It is different this time. This time I am not hurting too.. I am just mad/disappointed, ya know?

Ok... so i thought i could get a huge blog out of the way here, but i just had chicken lasagna and it is hitting my no sleep/hardly eating ass right now. So I will leave the rest til later!

Ta ta!

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