Thursday, February 03, 2005

It is a MUST that you do this!

Ask me four questions. Any four, no matter how personal, private or random.

I will answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.

In turn, you post this message in your own journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.


Alex said...

Well darnit I did so ask you questions! I wonder why it didn't go through? Ok here goes again...

Do you ever get grossed out doing the massage thing, ie: hairy backs an stuff?

Did you have any conflict in the military with the whole "boys club" thing?

(This is probably obvious but!) Is it difficult being a lesbian in the bible belt and have you ever felt the need to move?

If you ever were to move, for any reason, where would it be and why?

Ok..those are basically along the same lines because I couldn't remember my exact questions from before. This had better work this time! LOL

True said...

Ok Here goes Alex!

1. Yes, I get grossed out when a man who has a carpet on their back comes in for a massage. I don't mind if women haven't shaved, it is nothing compared to the braidable hair men sport.

It really isn't as bad as when someone with bad hygiene or breath gets a massage though. I can't stand a smoker who doesn't wash their hands. As soon as I remove their arms from under the sheet the smell knocks me out. And please people, if you know you have been walking around all day with no socks or something... there are showers at the spa. WASH YOUR DAMN FEET! It is simply a courtesy!

2.Being a mechanic on B52s in the military I was surrounded by men all day long. There were only about 3 or 4 women out of a squadron of 100, so... It was more to the point that the women were always in the spotlight. If you were a guy you could blend in. Women constantly have to prove that they can hold their own. If you messed up EVERYONE knows about it. But if you did a good job then it was normal and you didn't get kudos because you are supposed to do a good job. So, like I said.. you are in the spotlight so you really have to work harder than most of the men.

3.Believe me, being gay anywhere isn't really an easy thing. Being in a completely conservative republican area is pretty restrictive. I don't hold hands with whomever I am with when we are like at a Wal-Mart or something. I will however at a movie, or such on a date. I don't know. There are certain situations for everything. Just imagine a straight relationship, but take out most of the public display of affection, i.e. the holding hands, the arms around the other person, the kissing, etc. Pretty tough, but it keeps you out of trouble. It is more like quick stolen touches, glances, and kisses when you are out of sight of anyone. Kind of imagine what you would do to keep that kind of stuff out of site with your parents or something. Sometimes it is exhilarating, and others it is just plain frustrating.

As far as the Bible belt her goes. I have three things knocking me down a notch. One, I am a woman in the Deep South that is still full of a lot of chauvinism. Two, I am a lesbian in a world that is more advanced in thinking than the minds here in my town. Three, I am not Christian. I am pagan/wiccan so I REALLY throw the Christian right into a tizzy. And people think this is a choice? Yeah right, I REALLY want to make my life more difficult and second-class than other people! SURE [hand of sarcasm goes up]

I live in a pretty decent sized city with a fairly large gay population. It is getting better every day, however the best way to describe this place is to say that this is a big city full of narrow-minded people.

Wow, This is turning into a rant..hehe sorry.

4.If I were to move it would have to be to a more open-minded area than this. I like some places in Massachusetts. I have always wanted to visit California; ummm Florida Key West is a huge gay Mecca! I would love to go back to England. I think that would be great to live over there. It is such a positive place to be!

So, hopefully I answered your questions to your liking. I am looking forward to your answers as well.


Alex said...

For some reason my comments are not going through so if I get overzealous and pushing the button and you get this 3 times I'm sorry!

LOL @ wash your feet! You're really funny. I'm just in awe that you worked on B52's, not because you're a mechanic but to have to always deal with the male/female conflict that surrounds that sort of thing. Thank you for being so candid with your answers and I hope I didn't get too personal with the questions regarding lifestyle. I think i'm just a little excited to find someone in the same state who isn't weighed down with a "How things should be" attitude. At one point I made the horrible mistake of telling someone I was an atheist and they were personally offended almost to the point of tears. So living here has been quite a culture shock for me.
I grew up in southern ca. where differences between people and cultures are just accepted and to hear actual COMMERCIALS on the radio against gay marriage ...well needless to say my mouth was agape. Things like that don't fly out west. So yeah feeling a little stifled and planning to get to Oregon as soon as I can. I imagined if it's bad for me it must be really difficult for you.
If you don't mind my asking what sort of wicca you practice? The only one im real familiar with is sort of a heritage thing of the stregas from my grandma (she comes from Naples). Anyway it was nice getting to know you a little, thank you so much for being so open!

True said...

I am not practicing right now. I am pretty eclectic when it comes to that sort of stuff. I guess you could say that I am simply pagan and not affiliate me with anything in particular, but I met my first witch when I was deployed to England in 99 durring the Kosevo Crisis.

I am glad to know that you are one of the open minded ones here in Louisiana, but you have to look at the fact that we are both not from here. I grew up in Wisconsin so our minds are much more free in their thinking. Do you think that because the humidity and heat are so thick here that people are just too lazy to think for themselves. Critical thinking skills are in high demand around here, but no one is looking for them.

Ok.. I am going to stop my rant about that as well.. hehe.


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