Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Matter Of Time

I can honestly say that yesterday was full of craziness. I good friend of mine found herself practically homeless because her roommates decided to raise her rent an extra 50 and not give her any extra time to come up with it. Believe me, this woman has been running into roadblocks her whole life and she really didnt' need any money hungry little 21 year olds that can't keep up with their own finances (so they charge others more) bringing her down. THEN to top it all off, she caught the girl she had been seeing in a lie (she wasn't laying down in HER bed when she told my friend she was going to bed, she was at her other girlfriend's house apparently).

All this has happened only a day or so after she finds out that her mother (who is the guardian of her 14 and 12 yr olds) told the boys that she didn't want them anymore and their mom (my friend) didn't want them, so she was going to give them back to the state. Can you imagine what kind of trauma those boys must be enduring. The mental anguish alone is enough to make me cringe. The grandmother (my friend's mom Trisha) is one unstable cookie herself. The only reason the 14 yr old was born was because Trisha orchestrated the rape of her own daughter because her own tubes were tied and she wanted to have another child. So, my friend at 13 years old was raped, and had her first child at 14 because of that rape.

If it isn't one thing, it is another. I don't know what kind of lesson this is all supposed to be teaching her. Actually, if she stops looking at this as a negative thing, and turns it around into a positive, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

1.If her mom does decide to turn in the boys to the state, then my friend has a chance in getting them back (I am not even going into why the grandmother has them in the first place).
2. Because the people who she rents her little one room bungalow (in the backyard and she had to go to the main house for running water) decided to raise her rent and just basically push her out, she is now going to be staying with me in my apartment with all the running water and central air she can handle (she will have to sleep on the couch tho but I would trade that for what she had anyday AND my couch is REALLY comfy!)
3. Now she knows why the girl she was seeing would run hot and cold. Why she would be sweet to her one minute and completely rude to her the next (which my friend excused because she this girl manipulates well). She knows now that this girl isnt' worth her time.

Unfortunately it is #3 that is the most difficult for her to handle at this moment. When her heart strings are tugged like that, it is hard for her to recover. She knows that there are these positive things that will come from all the negative, but it is difficult for her to see the forest for the trees. She has a great group of friends that are rallying around her. There are plenty of support mechanisms for her to utilize. I know that, with our help, she will come out on top of all this. It is just a matter of time.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Good Times!

The birthday girl in all her glory (I don't remember what she was saying here but it looks funny as hell!

Left to right: Heather, Jason, Nicole, Me, and Stevi in the front.

I just want to say that some good times were had over at althea's last friday night. I really enjoyed myself. It was good to meet some new people and laugh my ass off. I really don't know why I didn't drink. I had the perfect opportunity to get smashed... I just live 2 stairwells down from her apt. I could have litterally crawled home from there. BUT.. I think I was having too much fun laughing at all the craziness! So, CHEERS ALTHEA.. and Happy Birthday!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Appreciation for Anne

 A woman who was a strong actress, and who was less known than she should have been. Anne Bancroft died today at age 73 of cancer. I guess I didn't realize when I heard it on the radio today just who this was. Out of all the acting besides Demi Moore in G.I. Jane I do believe that Anne Bancroft's character was the best! She owned that bitchy politician's character! I LOVEd the interaction between her and Demi in their heated debate to get Demi's character reinstated.

I have heard of many celebrities dying. Some recently, some not. I guess her death just kind of hit me hard. I did not know half the stuff about her I know now after reading up on her since her passing. This one really saddens me.

I realized that I have actually been looking to buy a TV movie called "Homecoming" and guess who the lead in it was... Yes.. Anne Bancroft! I absolutely loved that movie. It is kind of obscure, you don't see it on the shelves anywhere. It was put out by Hallmark Entertainment. Now, unfortunately, it will be even harder to find.

Anyway, I just had to share my condolences to all who will take them and say that her death has really touched me today. I hope she is where she needs to be now.


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