Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Tech's Perspective: We didn't need that device

Today, I had a ticket for the casino bar micros not finding the printer. I knew right away that the surveillance equipment had been unplugged or wasn't working properly so I went down there to investigate.

There was a sweaty dirty man with a ladder on each side of the bar and his equipment (a cordless drill charger and some other things plugged into a big surge protector thing). He was obviously reparing something in the ceiling above the 2nd Deck Bar area. He had his vendor badge on so I knew he wasn't an actual employee but outside maintenance. This plug for his extension cord was so big that it took up the whole faceplate leaving no room for access to the other outlet. APPARENTLY the guy thought that it would be OK to just UNPLUG what was in that wall to plug his stuff in. YUP you got that right, he just decided "I have no clue what this goes to, but I am sure they don't need it so I will just unplug it." Thank goodness it was only the surveillance device and not the whole Micros terminals (cash register) or the supervisors would really be screaming.

He somehow made it MY fault that we shouldn't have something plugged in right there that is so important anyway. I was like, well, did ya think that we just have stuff plugged into the walls that we don't really need? I mean come on... look directly down and there is an empty outlet, look around the corner, WHOA imagine that... ANOTHER empty outlet. ( I didn't say that, but I thought it). But foregoing any common sense the man chose the only outlet that had a device plugged into it, and mindlessly pulled its plug.

I didn't ask him, I TOLD him, "Sir, you are going to have to go ahead and remove what you have in that wall and plug our equipment BACK in. There are at least TWO other outlets with nothing plugged into them that you can use right here." Just... yeah... insane. I mean really, do YOU plug stuff in that you don't use? Or am I just nuts here? I wanted to just slap him up-side the back of his head and say THINK damnit THINK!

Apparently this guy (by his own admission as he was moving his plug to an EMPTY outlet) had gotten in trouble before for moving a camera in the ceiling when they were doing some work on the boat (riverboat). Now, to understand the severity of this, all you really need to know is,

  1. it was a surveillance camera
  2. it was a surveillance camera on a riverboat CASINO
  3. all camera moves must be coordinated AND authorized by the Louisiana State Police
  4. they will arrest your ass if they think you are tampering with the surveillance system!

SOMEHOW they didn't THINK about the implications of their actions. Oh wait, again, thought was required. Some days I just have to laugh to keep from ... well to keep from causing bodily harm.

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Anonymous said...

NO, it IS a crime, implied or not, to be that freaking stupid. So why was that guy not arrested, again? Looks highly suspicious to me. I would have accidentally slipped into the ladder he was standing on top of. What a douche bag. LOL! Call me tomorrow so I can find his dumb self in the badge system.

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