Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Invention of Santa Claus

I agree! When I even try to mention that Christmas (and many christian holidays) are based on or specifically around similar pagan ones or are derived from them entirely (May Day and Halloween) people tend to gasp. The next thing I ask them to do is to think about whether they ever set a date in the bible for the birth of Jesus. The lambs were lambing and the shepherds were tending them, so.... ummm that is spring if I am not mistaken... Not specifically the 25th of December.

Holidays have become so commercialized these days that people forget where our traditions come from. Heck, didn't the Puritans try to ban Christmas back in Europe before they were sent here?

So I say Happy Yule to all and Merry Christmas, and Happy Chaunukah... Or to sum it all up for everyone Happy Holidays!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annise Parker: Openly Gay Mayor Elected In Houston, Texas

The most important thing to consider in this amazing moment is that the most qualified individual was elected. As it seems, people (even in Texas) have found a way to look past gender and sexuality and elect someone because she is the right person for the job.

On the GLBT front, this is a remarkable stepping stone and one which is paving the way for those that are struggling with their own sexuality. RIGHT ON Mayor Parker!
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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Richard Cohen: Gay-To-Straight 'Therapist' Spars With Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

I believe that there is a massive plague scourging our earth... especially the U.S. It is the plague of ignorance. It is the illness of believing everything you hear and regurgitating it as fact. It is the sick practice of judging people based upon the words of NOT JESUS, but of his MALE followers. It is the mental depression of a country that was first drawn out of its proverbial cave and now is sadly being drawn back into that cave and forgetting the wonders they once knew.

Some of us are still on the outside... and challenge you to step into the light!
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Richard Cohen: Gay-To-Straight 'Therapist' Spars With Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Yes it is a choice... well for him being Straight is a choice and I have a choice as well. I can chose to be straight and unhappy and go against everything that I feel, OR I can just be who I am naturally (which is not a choice). Going against your attractions is a choice. However, you do not CHOOSE who you are attracted to.

Way to go Rachel! I love how she can totally debunk the guy and sting him with his own words... All with a smile and a "Thank you and I hope you appreciate the publicity I just gave your unfounded non-scientific false information and Treated you fairly by doing so... DUDE!!!"
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Monday, December 07, 2009

Quitting FB Apps: A Turkey Sandwich Best Served Cold

So, I realized at one point as I was clicking away at mindless squares on a green field and worrying about taking my peking duck off the stove, I AM STRESSED OUT! I mean, Facebook has the market cornered on these mini-apps that hook you into hours of dribble with no real connection to anyone who is your "neighbor".

I had three different farms, a cafe, did quests and wars on Age of Castles, and denied I don't know how many attempts for me to join a mob/gang/coven in Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars. As tempting as it sounded, I didn't want to be a pirate on the high seas in Pirates (thingamajigy app name goes here). See, I can't even REMEMBER all the zaney apps that would pop up in my requests.

Anyway, I decided to start a group, Quitting FB Apps: A Turkey Sandwich Best Served Cold. I named it that because I had decided to deal my dose of revenge (a dish best served cold) by quitting Cold Turkey. Either way, I really don't forsee hurting any of these apps by doing this, but I do see them not getting my business anymore.

When my girlfriend was actually pulling her hair out worrying about her food going bad in Cafe World, I knew it was time to send her a request to my group as well. Now, I didn't expect her to quit everything but WOW She DID! I am so proud of her! Anyone who joins the group does not have to quit anything, but just know that you can do it if you want to... if you want to take your LIFE back that is. I already have an addiction to Second Life and didn't need mindless apps added to that.

I created the logo a few days ago in my Photoshop CS4. I hope that you check it out and maybe join. Tell us your stories about quitting or wanting to quit. Either way, we have a forum now :).


Friday, December 04, 2009

Portia de Rossi To Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Gay Marriage Should Be Called Marriage (VIDEO)

Eloquent words. Quick on the draw and fierce truth. There is nothing that can argue that different. (unless you want to look like an idiot)

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It's a Helluva State

What are they so afraid of? I mean Gay Money is still Money.. and damn there is a lot to be spent if we have our way with weddings! Move over straight weddings!!! Let a gay wedding coordinator work with all the talent rich (and some money rich as well) gay couple and we are talking REVENUUUUU!

Hugs to you Cynthia... we will get there... just hopefully in our lifetimes :-/

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

TRUE Visions Photography: TRUE Visions Photography Blog Launch!

TRUE Visions Photography: TRUE Visions Photography Blog Launch!

TRUE Visions Photography Blog Launch!

Introducing my new blog specifically for my Photography. I will be updating it with links to my photography for sale and on any upcoming events that I will be doing in Second Life. Right Now I have a sale going on at my Printroom for 10% off orders of $30 or more! Come and check it out!

Just head HERE to see the new blog!

Melissa True

Friday, October 09, 2009

Benefitting from Stagnation And Mom's Healthcare Shopping

America cares about the fact that you can get all the healthcare you need as long as you don’t need any.” --Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)

Those simple words, out of the myriad that Rep. Alan Grayson stated in his speech calling upon the democrats to stop treating Republican Senator Olympia Snowe’s opinion on healthcare like she was the president and had the veto power that goes with it, perked my tired ears up. I had to stop the video and think about that for a second. That point, those words are so true for my parents at this very moment. My step-father is just about to retire early at age 58 and apparently he and my mother are a hot commodity. Over 17 healthcare companies contacted my mother within a two week time frame vying for their “business.” SEVENTEEN companies all pushed and prodded, answered my mother’s slew of informed questions, stated their list of benefits and costs and coverage, all to win over my retiring step-father and his wife in their consumer healthcare needs.

I was kind of appalled to know this and thankful all at the same time. My parents are lucky. They are reasonably healthy and they are still young. Neither of them have major health concerns (other than my mother will need a knee replacement soon and my step-dad has high blood pressure and a history of migraines). What this means for them is that companies will compete to insure them because they are “low risk.” Actually, I see this as the fact that companies are willing to take their money every month because they are banking on them not getting majorly ill. If my parents were to have major preexisting problems this wouldn’t be the case. As it is, I am still scared that one of them could become ill and the company would drop them due to some “technicality” that wasn’t plainly laid out.

My mother simply said to me, “well, I never go to the doctor anyway and your dad doesn’t have any teeth anymore, so we won’t have to worry about much anyway.” I love my mom dearly. I love that she put all these companies on their heels answering her questions. However, it is sad that her mindset as well as thousands of American’s is the fact that they are safe because they do not need healthcare at this very moment. It is almost how we never think that anything bad is going to happen to us. It is how we think that we are invincible. I just want to take my mom up into my arms and hug her and protect her and keep her safe. In reality, that simply doesn’t work. We can never completely prepare for what could or what might happen to us. It is for this very reason that the current healthcare system does not work and a public option is emphatically required.

Like I said before, my wee ears are tired. Tired of hearing this and that about how healthcare reform is good, how it is bad, how a public option should or shouldn’t be offered. I am so weary of it all. This Florida Representative has made many speeches about the healthcare situation and when he speaks, my tiredness turns into wonder and then again anger at the opposition. I wonder how many of their families have been touched by hardship. How many of their families have had to worry if they had enough coverage? How many of their families have had healthcare bills that they couldn’t afford? Finally, I am angry in the realization that the ones hindering progress are the very ones that are benefitting from its stagnation.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Victory Chihuahuas

Here is a cute photo circle for my mom and her chihuahuas. There is one of wee Zeus in there. See if you can catch him.

To see more of my Mom's Awesome Chihuahuas, go to

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bing Photo Contest Submission TOP 1000

Ok everyone, somehow one of my photos that I entered in the Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest has made it into the top 1000 photographs. It is an app on Facebook SOOOO... if any of you have facebook and we are not friends you can still go and vote on my picture! Hell, send me a friend request so you can get updated on my latest works as well!Just go here and vote!

Monday, July 06, 2009

TRUE Visions Photography

Yes, I have not posted ANYTHING on myspace in such a long time that I had almost forgotten how to work it.

I have been innundated with work, school, and my lovely girlfriend who I will be seeing in about 3 weeks. I even put a damn counter on my myspace page because I am such a dork.

I think one of the most exciting things to happen to me as of late is the creation of my photography site. It is simple and will be added to in the future, but it is simply SWEET!
Go and check it out and let me know exactly what you think. There is a comment box in there to contact me!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ode To My Stalker

I’ll change my number
I’ll change my screen name
I’ll change my location
I’ll play your head game

What I will not change is my devotion
To dealing back your karmic hand
Channeling all the destruction you have caused
The fear you create you may then understand

I will send you gifts
A lock of my hair, A t-shirt I have worn
Your want of them is not important
Terror in your thoughts will then be born.

You won’t know you stalked me once
A shroud of secrecy upon my lips
Lips you once wished to taste
How easily I have changed the scripts

I will cherish these moments
with me forever they will stay
Knowing all the hurt you have caused
Being afraid every single day.

Know that I come for you.
Know that I watch your every move
Know that wherever you go I’m there
Your feelings of panic you cannot remove

I will hunt you,
I will find you,
I will tear at your emotions
Until I am inside you

Fear me
Loathe me
My actions you cannot stop
You cannot control me

I stalk you now
I turned your tables times three
Upon the hurt that you projected
From your own obsession you will never be free…

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