Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ode To My Stalker

I’ll change my number
I’ll change my screen name
I’ll change my location
I’ll play your head game

What I will not change is my devotion
To dealing back your karmic hand
Channeling all the destruction you have caused
The fear you create you may then understand

I will send you gifts
A lock of my hair, A t-shirt I have worn
Your want of them is not important
Terror in your thoughts will then be born.

You won’t know you stalked me once
A shroud of secrecy upon my lips
Lips you once wished to taste
How easily I have changed the scripts

I will cherish these moments
with me forever they will stay
Knowing all the hurt you have caused
Being afraid every single day.

Know that I come for you.
Know that I watch your every move
Know that wherever you go I’m there
Your feelings of panic you cannot remove

I will hunt you,
I will find you,
I will tear at your emotions
Until I am inside you

Fear me
Loathe me
My actions you cannot stop
You cannot control me

I stalk you now
I turned your tables times three
Upon the hurt that you projected
From your own obsession you will never be free…

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