Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Invention of Santa Claus

I agree! When I even try to mention that Christmas (and many christian holidays) are based on or specifically around similar pagan ones or are derived from them entirely (May Day and Halloween) people tend to gasp. The next thing I ask them to do is to think about whether they ever set a date in the bible for the birth of Jesus. The lambs were lambing and the shepherds were tending them, so.... ummm that is spring if I am not mistaken... Not specifically the 25th of December.

Holidays have become so commercialized these days that people forget where our traditions come from. Heck, didn't the Puritans try to ban Christmas back in Europe before they were sent here?

So I say Happy Yule to all and Merry Christmas, and Happy Chaunukah... Or to sum it all up for everyone Happy Holidays!
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