Monday, December 07, 2009

Quitting FB Apps: A Turkey Sandwich Best Served Cold

So, I realized at one point as I was clicking away at mindless squares on a green field and worrying about taking my peking duck off the stove, I AM STRESSED OUT! I mean, Facebook has the market cornered on these mini-apps that hook you into hours of dribble with no real connection to anyone who is your "neighbor".

I had three different farms, a cafe, did quests and wars on Age of Castles, and denied I don't know how many attempts for me to join a mob/gang/coven in Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars. As tempting as it sounded, I didn't want to be a pirate on the high seas in Pirates (thingamajigy app name goes here). See, I can't even REMEMBER all the zaney apps that would pop up in my requests.

Anyway, I decided to start a group, Quitting FB Apps: A Turkey Sandwich Best Served Cold. I named it that because I had decided to deal my dose of revenge (a dish best served cold) by quitting Cold Turkey. Either way, I really don't forsee hurting any of these apps by doing this, but I do see them not getting my business anymore.

When my girlfriend was actually pulling her hair out worrying about her food going bad in Cafe World, I knew it was time to send her a request to my group as well. Now, I didn't expect her to quit everything but WOW She DID! I am so proud of her! Anyone who joins the group does not have to quit anything, but just know that you can do it if you want to... if you want to take your LIFE back that is. I already have an addiction to Second Life and didn't need mindless apps added to that.

I created the logo a few days ago in my Photoshop CS4. I hope that you check it out and maybe join. Tell us your stories about quitting or wanting to quit. Either way, we have a forum now :).


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