Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Things ScentSational!

Ok folks! I am on a new adventure, at least that is how I am looking at it. I am now an Escential Consultant for Scentsy Wickless Candles!! I am SOOO excited! Let me just say that I have never come across such a quality product and I did massage for over 6 years and burned LOADS of candles. I have yet to come across such a clean system, not to mention all the Smell Goods!

This product has over 80 scents to smell from. I sometimes call them flavors because they smell good enough to eat! It does not "burn" anything. It actually Warms! Doesn't that make you feel all fuzzy inside? Well it did to me since I simply hated that black soot that would cling on my drapes and hands and even in my nostrils sometimes when I would burn a candle in my home. I hated when I would spend $5-$10 on one simple candle that I had to throw away half way through because it would start getting black. I got tired of trimming wicks trying to keep that from happening and hoping that the candle would burn clean and all they way down to the bottom. Even when it did burn to the bottom, I would have such a mess to clean up to reuse the votive holder or stand etc, not to mention the fear of falling asleep with a candle going.

I know that I am not alone in that I just talked about. Well, those are worries no more for me now that I found the Scentsy Wickless System. I can't rave about this stuff enough. I think the first thing that I noticed of course was the wonderful and enveloping smell that came from our VIP area at my work. I had to find out what it was. Stepping into that office not only did I smell that wonderful smell, but I also saw this beautiful piece of ceramic pottery that it was warming in.

Through out the next few months I saw it popping up here and there and would come back to that office just to talk about the product or smell some more of the scents that were sitting out. I wanted one of my own. I couldn't wait to get one. However, I wanted more than just one of my own or to throw a party... I wanted to take a more involved part in getting this amazing product out into not only my own, but my friend's and family's lives as well . Even if they don't order from me, they will most likely be getting some Scentsy products for birthdays, holidays, or even just because as presents from me.

One of my favorite things I have experienced so far happened after I got my Consultant Starter Kit. I hadn't opened and smelled all of the testers yet because, like I said earlier, there are over 80!!! So, I took them over to a friend of mine's home and she, another friend, and I all sat around having a drink, watching some RuPaul Drag Race (hahah don't ask, it is funny and they love it :P) and we finished opening all of the packages and began smelling them all. Our faces seemed to just light up at certain points when we would get so excited smelling a smell that brought us back to moments in our lives or just hit to the core of our beings. **Inner Peace seems to do that to me by the way** We were giddy with the smells and totally forgot to grab the coffee beans to sniff. They clean the pallatte and keeps your senses from getting overloaded from scent to scent. We were just so excited! My friends were writing down their favorites and circling things in their catalogs! It was soooo fun!

I now have a website and an ongoing Online Party that I will close when I get back from my vacation to Scotland. People can order anytime from the site as well.

All I can say is that I am highly excited to see where this venture takes me and what the next Scent and Warmer of the Month will be!!! Come on inside and take a peek around. No Pressure.. no demands... no annoying sales people... only wonderful laid-back, smell-good enjoyment from here on out! And if you live in my area ask me about hosting your own Basket Party or Home Party and earn Free Stuff.. yes, FREE and Half-Price items are up for grabs.. man, just check it all out. I promise this stuff is so FUN!

Hugs and Love,

PS. Check this blog often as I will be posting Monthly Specials, also let me know if you want me to add your email address to my Monthly Newsletter!

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