Monday, June 07, 2010

Scotland - Take 2

A second try. Heading for Scotland a second time now but on my third time. Confused??? Yeah well just look to the wonderful volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. Nope, I can't pronounce it either. I tried once, but failed miserably.. moving on.

This time tomorrow I will be well on my way over the Atlantic Ocean and hopefully deep in sleep. I am quite sure I will not sleep much tonight since... OMG I LEAVE TOMORROW!! Yeah, sorry about that. I tend to get these fits of exCITEment every now and then when thinking about my vacation.

This trip has actually been planned since April of this year. As I said earlier, those plans had to be sadly cancelled due to the crazy volcanic ash that shut down all of the UK and most of Europe's airports. I was to leave that very weekend.

It was a frustrating time knowing that coming back into work I had to face all the strange looks and sad faces when they realized why I was still in the US. You see, everyone knew. Just about everyone knew that I was headed out to Scotland to see my love and her girls again. They knew how excited I was and how much it meant to me to be back over there... where I feel I belong.

Chrissy and I were meant for each other, plain and simple. I have missed the UK in all its culture and history since I lived there for 4 months in 1999 when I was deployed there during the Kosevo Crisis and Operation Allied Force. I never wanted to come back home then, and now I have even more reason to make it my permanent home. I had a friend who is from Wales and now lives in Texas tell me one time, "You know people say that the grass is never greener on the other side right? Well you know what? For some people, it really is greener." The things she has found here in the US filled her up and completed her. There are trade offs in any kind of move like that, but for her it was right. I know for me, this is right as well.

Here is the hard part... the hardest thing or decision I have ever had to make in my life... Leaving the US and moving to Scotland. It is hard ONLY for three reasons. 1) The difficulties of being an immigrant and getting the proper Visa. 2) Finding a suitable job to sustain me over there (as part of the requirements for the residency). Finally and most importantly, 3) Leaving my mother.

Now, I do not even live close to my Mom right now, but just knowing that the trips will be just that much more difficult back and forth for her as she gets older and for me as well is very hard to take. Can I just pack her and her doggies up and take her with me? I would get a cot on the floor to have her living with us knowing that she was close and safe.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff *sniff*. I am moving on to brighter things here... Our Itinerary!!!
* Day 1: Be exhausted and cuddle into my Chrissy and the girls on the couch for some rest
* Day 2: Still be exhausted while my sleep schedule evens out still cuddling with Chrissy and doing small activities with the girls.
* Day 3: Have no idea :) but loving every minute!
* Day 4: Going out to the 2nd annual Crieff Beer Festival and getting a sample of the local breweries!! Loads of fun to be had that night.
* Day 5: The Crannog Center for Potions Lotions and Incense - Celtic Plants & People YAY!
* Day 6-12: Still up in the air, but I am sure we will be golfing, touring the oldest working distillery in Scotland and eating wonderful food.
* Day 13: Back to the Crannog Center for Summer Solstice Celebrations and historical reenactments!
* Day 14: Recoup from the weeks before and have some quiet time with my lady.
* Day 15: See Day 14 ;)

So that is pretty much what we have planned. There is a lot to do there.. and we are going to have soooo much fun. It seems busy but I am sure we will have plenty of time in the second week to just be still with each other.

Oh, and um, I didn't put Day 16 there because I am trying to not think about that day. In fact, I would be quite happy if that day didn't come. Well, i would rather have that day's activities not take place. I would like to just leave my thoughts on my time there in Scotland and not on the coming home bit.

So, I send warm wishes to you and yours and will be checking in from time to time to send updates and post a few pictures. Don't expect too much, but I will definitely not leave you hanging.

Oh and by the way, if anyone knows of any jobs in the IT industry, Customer Service, or Retail, or Security ANYTHING... in or around Perth or Stirling, Scotland - hook a girl up!! I am a hard worker!

Wishing I were there already,

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