Monday, August 09, 2010

Oh Boi Oh Boi! New Mag and Creativity!!!

The owners and editor in Chief of Oh Boi Magazine, an online and virtual magazine, have hired me (aka Temoren Drathman) on as a Graphics Artist and Photographer. I came in on their 5th issue and have hopefully helped them pick up some pieces and create a more streamlined style that exemplifies a little more grit and texture... more real in a not so real Second Life world.

The magazine published it's first issue back in March of this year. It is an LGBT mag that has had a rocky beginning with many staffing changes and real world headaches even for a virtual world mag.

I am so very excited to be providing ideas, layout, content, and focus on this amazing venture and am hoping that it continues for a long time to come. The staff we have now is extremely talented individuals with great management! If you venture into SecondLife at all, are in the LGBT Community or have anything you want to contribute to us or our mag PLEASE contact me or Adri (the Editor in Chief) at

We have a blog as well :) We have some exciting things and features in the works and would like to invite you into OUR world with Oh Boi Magazine!

Here is our Latest Issue for August 2010!

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