Saturday, December 11, 2010

David Epstein Incest Charges: Columbia Professor Charged With Sleeping With Daughter

I am not sure about the morality of it all, but it was my thought that incest was taboo and illegal specifical­ly because of the ramificati­ons of Inbreeding and the possibilit­y of having children with deformitie­s. There are many states that regard incest and even incest between adults to be illegal.

Equating a practice that can cause birth deformitie­s to children and one that has nothing to do with having children is totally off base. What you are trying to do is to equate the ACT of homosexual­ity with the ACT of incest. That says to me that you have issues with homosexual­ity because the two are completely different.

I do agree with you on the point that there is definitely not enough informatio­n in this article to form any kind of proper debate about the specifics. However, you are not arguing specifics, you are arguing generaliti­es. You cannot generalize a whole population of people specifical­ly based upon your view that homosexual­s are immoral. And so that says to me that you are the one with the bombastic biases.
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