Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone 4S and Siri At First Activation - Wireless Syncing and Conversations

Distractions Distractions! I just got my new iPhone 4S and have yet to put it down. Well, I have put it down, but not much. Right now I am sitting here typing this out on my iMac with my phone playing a mix of my shuffled music that I wirelessly synced last night as it was on my nightstand and I slept. Hold on a moment, I will ask siri to play next song because this one is a bit fast. There, Done :).

That is right, I have a wonderful relationship with my personal assistant, Siri. She is a wiz at figures and even pretty witty with some good comebacks when I ask her silly questions. She may be only in Beta, but I have a feeling she will become more interactive as people will want to have more and more conversations with her and forget to ask her to actually do anything for them. I feel bad for barking orders out to her without saying please or thank you, but that is just our nature to try and humanize machines.

I have rarely downloaded music in any of my phones in the past. I simply have not had the room to compete between having fun and cool apps or using my storage for music. Even with my Droid Eris, I had a few songs on my microSD card, but it was clunky to play and it was a pain to get the songs on the phone. With my new iPhone 4S it is insanely smooth - once I figured out where to set the settings in iTunes.

Plug in your iPhone and allow iTunes to bring it up.
Then go to the main Settings Tab and it should look just like this:
So, now that you have that, Sync Away!

Here are a few things Siri has said to me and follow this post to the bottom to see my YouTube iPhone 4S unboxing and what it looks like when you activate your Verizon Wireless iPhone 4s. I even talk to Siri a bit. Our first encounter is a fun one!

What an adorable personal assistant huh? For more crazy things people have asked Siri and what Siri has said back check out Shit that Siri Says. You will be surprised!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazon Kindle - Our Silk is on Fire!

     No, I didn't say that Amazon's sex is on fire. I said Silk. Amazon Silk is their latest and greatest in the Amazon innovation in cloud computing and it is coming soon on the Kindle Fire. Which, to me, looks pretty sexy!

     Amazon has pulled no punches with a letter to its customers boldly positioned on its home page today. They practically call out the high priced iPad and the like and have thrown down the gauntlet less than a week before Apple's latest news of their iPhone 5 Launch. Read it for yourself (the links won't work since it is a photo but I will post those in the caption area.

Kindle $75 - Kindle Touch $99 - Kindle Touch 3G $149 - Kindle Fire $199
     The video mentioned at the end is all about Amazon Silk and how it is going to revolutionize virtual products and features. The cloud has never seemed so close... I can almost touch it now!

     I would love to get my hands on one of these things. The hype over the iPad is killing me and I have yet to jump on that band wagon. I do love Apple products and even own a massive Beast Master of an iMac but I have to say, Apple cannot corner all technology and if there is one thing that Amazon has done right ever since its inception, is books. Now it is just offering yet another way to get that content to us knowing that we are now, and have been, in the Digital age.

     A few facts about the Kindle Fire (I keep wanting to type the Amazon Fire though):
  • Display: 7" multi-touch display with IPS (in-plane switching) technology and anti-reflective treatment, 1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi, 16 million colors. 
  • Storage: 8GB internal. That's enough for 80 apps, plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books.
    • Free cloud storage for all Amazon content 
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback, with wireless off. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as web browsing and downloading content 
     I have to say that all sounds quite impressive.They mention a Dual Core processor but do not actually give the specifics of the power it has. However, the battery life on a touch screen of this capacity and the anti-reflective treatment is something I would definitely like to see in action. I love the basic Kindle for its E Ink technology and the fact that I can read it in any bright light condition just like a book. However, I love snaz and snap of color. Getting to watch whole movies AND, get this, if you have an Amazon Prime account you have access to over 10,000 streaming movies for FREE. It isn't much right now, but it was something I didn't realize I would get when I signed up for it. BONUS!

     I am really thinking about preordering one of these babies, but I am not really a first adopter. I tend to stay on the sidelines and hear the Yays and Boos of the crowds as the new tech rolls out. If it is what they say it is though, I think that Amazon's Cloud technology might just boost the playing field for Apple to get their iCloud facility humpin' and pumpin' faster!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FFS Facebook, you are DRIVING me to Google+

     I logged into my Facebook today as many people did and found all these crazy changes. Firstly, I received no email explaining these changes (as this would be nice to in effect tour the new look). I found myself scrolling down the page with this strange window following me on the right. I thought it was a glitch in my browser. It creeps me out to have a window follow me down the page like that.. like OMG FRAMES. But still I digress...

     I can tell you what I have been reading from quite a few of my friends' statuses:
FFS Facebook...will you stop messing around with facebook layout...I cant find anything!!!
wth???????? Facebook I don't like this, I see twitter becoming my new bff
     And more of this here. But really, what goes on behind the minds of the creators and layout specialists they go to? I see this strange window that scrolls down the page as I scroll down it, but it is the exact same news feed as what I am looking at. Really? What is that good for? I am not complaining, I just want to know!

     I recently joined Google+ and found quite a bit of potential but also one huge limitation... none of my friends had access unless I sent them an invitation. Yesterday the Google+ team finally fixed that issue and quite a few others and opened the enrollment YAY!

     So I say to all of you that are frustrated with the complexity that Facebook is now suffering from, and you liked the simplicity that it used to have, give Google+ a shot. Create some Circles... throw up some Sparks to peruse. Who knows, you may even be able to join a few really cool Huddles (a feature I haven't quite had a chance to view yet).

     What is there to lose? Not much for me because Facebook has already stolen it. So sit back with me. Read a few articles. Make sure you +1 what you like and comment where you want! It is a roller coaster on Facebook, so lets hit the lazy river and enjoy ourselves and keep a bit of our sanity!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Knock Castle - Stag's View Restaurant Review

It was a beautiful, crisp, August afternoon. There was a bright sky in Scotland the day me and my fiance had lunch at the Stag's View Restaurant at the Knock Castle. This wee place is snuggled in the hills of the town Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland. We were both excited to be able to experience the majestic views from the outdoor seating and have a lovely lunch in one of the finer establishments in the town.

We were greeted by the front desk agent who walked us upstairs to the Stag's View and the barman there seated us outside after he took our drink orders. Chrissy chose an alcoholic ginger beer called Crabby's and I had a Bacardi and Diet. We sat and took a few photos of the view while we sipped and pondered over the menu.

We were getting the 2 course meal with a certificate that Chrissy had gotten through her work. The local taxi service Crieff Taxi, had received some free meals to allow for their employees to experience the Knock restaurant and in turn be able to promote it to their passengers. So we made our selections from the menu.

The starters all sounded lovely, but we were in the mood for a good desert. We decided on the Rib-eye steak both cooked Medium with the Potato Fondant and braised red cabbage. There was also some delightful small carrots and zucchini. Our pudding was the classic Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce and a side of home made ice cream.

The server/barman was very attentive and made us feel very comfortable when our food was ready to be served as he led us inside to our table. The service was splendid through out. However, the steaks really failed to impress.

The presentation of the food was almost off-putting. It looked like they just piled everything on top of itself.. which they actually did. Mind you, the food looked delicious, I just had to move everything around on my plate so that I could get to the potatoes and veggies underneath.

Expecting a nice juicy pink middle on our steaks, we cut into our meat. Brown, yes done all the way through. The steaks were not even near Medium anything on the scales. We would have sent them back if we were paying for the meal and if we weren't so hungry from waiting and anticipating the meal. They were juicy but not very tender. Large lines of gristle ran through mine and not marbling like a rib-eye should have.

The potatoes were cooked in a cylinder/puck shape. I am not fussy about the shape but they were very dry and had very little flavor to them. I have never had Potato Fondant before, so I have nothing to compare them to. I normally love potatoes but this was not one of those times.

The red cabbage along with the zucchini and baby carrots were seriously tasty! There was a vinaigrette sweetness to the cabbage and a real light almond or macadamia nut flavor to the carrots. The two flavors were a nice balance to each other. The zucchini was small but sliced down the center with a lovely buttery flavor. Chrissy had never really tried it before and for someone who is not up for things she THINKS she dislikes (or is anaphylactic as she puts it lol) the zucchini won her over. She was a fan of all the veggies as was I.

On to the dessert, or the pudding as they say in Scotland. Sticky Toffee Pudding is a dark spongy cake with a toffee glaze and sauce poured over it. It is served warm and usually with a side of ice cream. Their Sticky Toffee Pudding, although maybe a wee bit dry on the cake, did not disappoint in the flavor. The ice cream was a bit bland and was really drowned out by the sweet toffee of the sauce. I might have enjoyed that more with some nice fresh berries and a bit of meringue by itself, but not with a heavy Sticky Toffee Pudding. A full flavored vanilla would have been better than the light cream of the home made ice cream.

Our lunch would have normally cost us £25 and if we were paying for this meal, we would have definitely sent the steaks back. Well, I say that but again, we were very hungry and not that fussy of eaters. But, we know a good steak from a so-so steak.

All in all, the views were gorgeous, the staff was superb, the decor was cozy, the castle was amazing, the food ... not worth the price.

For a more interesting meal with amazing atmosphere and not too tight on your pocketbook, try out The Lounge located on the High Street near the town center in Crieff. All the feel of a French Cafe, nuzzled into a cozy little corner in Scotland. Bon App├ętit!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Creiff Scotland, Tartans, Indians, and Chiefs - Oh My!

Here is a wee bit of Scottish History for you all. This awesome man at the Crieff Visitor Center gave us a bit of insight as to the link between Native American Indians and the historical Scottish Clan Chieftains. ENJOY! *Transcript to follow video*

Historian: Hi! um as i was saying there are lots of similarities between the north american indians and the Scots and a great affinity between them. And in fact if you look at the history, ah the more modern history of North American Indians, you'll find many Scottish Cheifs. 
Me: Really? 
Historian: [that are] also Indian Chiefs. 
Me: Wow 
Historian: Which is difficult to believe but true. When I say many, probably about three or four. I'm exaggerating for effect.  
Chrissy: So actually, Tony and Michelle are well matched then even though the Scots have a castle and she's got a tipi. 
Historian: So after you think about how they operated, North American Indian and Scottish Highlander are amongst the most romantic historical figures ever.  
Um, the interesting thing between the two is that the indians collected scalps, the scots collected heads. 
Chrissy: Oh 
Me: giggling 
Historian: The indians were wiser, less to carry, took the scalp home. But the, but the Scots.. 
Chrissy: The Scots were a wee bitty greedy. 
Historian: ... they had to have the head. 
Me: For effect. 
Chrissy: That's very interesting. 
Historian: But the egalitarian attitude which the scots extended towards the North American Indians also endeared them with them because they asked if they could take the land. Not all of them, but as a whole. Whereas the English went in and took it. Well, English and other, other um, nations went in and took it.  
Chrissy: Heh, the English, pfft. 
Me: Mhm. 
Historian: So there's some very interesting parallels there. 
Me: Well there you go! 
Chrissy: Thank you very much!

Contact the Scottish Tartan's Authority for more information:
Brian Wilton, DirectorScottish Tartans AuthorityMuthill Road,Crieff, Perthshire, PH7 4HOWebsite:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Scotland the Brave

Right now I am sitting on the couch as my lady is upstairs taking a nap. I really should be waking her up but I know she needs the rest. I will get her when I am done with this post if she doesn't wake up before that.

I am in Scotland and the weather is absolutely AMAZING! I do NOT miss the 100 degree weather of Louisiana, nor do I miss the stagnant ideologies of the south. I feel so much more free in the UK than anywhere I have ever felt in the US.

Yesterday, we all went to the Crief Highland Gathering. Chrissy had never been to it since she has lived here and we were all very glad we did. It was quite fun and even though we were all really worn out 4 hours later after walking home, we were happy and had enjoyed every bit of it.

Somehow we managed to find some free stuff there as well. Free cupcakes, crisps, keychains, and even some wine for Chrissy! It was one of the local realestate firm's tents. In fact, I wish I had the money to buy one of the properties in their listings right now! The company is Irving Geddes.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - USA Style!

Original Lisbeth, Noomi Rapace 2009
USA Remake 2011
Seriously? The US is trying to redo the already insanely awesome movie adaptation from Stieg Larsson's first book in his Millennium Series The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? I have to say that I was not impressed at hearing this. I have not only read the book and am working on book 3, but I have watched all three of the movies that have been made from the books already, in Swedish.

Yes, this movie has been made before back in 2009, and with amazingly well done cinematic performances by Michael Nyqvist (Mikael Blomkvist) and Noomi Rapace (Lisbeth Salander), and easy to follow subtitles. I fell deep into the twists and folds of the dramatically thrilling tale of Lisbeth's life. Her character became someone I wanted to know more about. After watching the first movie, I was drawn in so much that I bought the first two books.

Larsson portrays women as strong and independent in a world dominated by men and their ego. He gives women, namely his lead character Lisbeth, guts, courage, perseverance, elegance, intellect, and raw emotional strength. In fact, the book's title in his native language is actually Men Who Hate Women. I think the full title should be 'Men Who Hate Women - And The Women Who Kick Their Asses!'

A movie can never wholly tell the story that a book can. Also, a book inspires one's own imagination and surely an actor cannot compete with what happens in someone's  mind for a character's likeness. Well, I was wrong on that. Noomi helped round out the character of Lisbeth for me and when I read the book, I could see her face and her actions. Although, in the book she seemed a bit more talkative than in the movies. Maybe it was because we could get inside her head a little more as a reader than just an observer.

Either way, I was not impressed, like I said, when I heard the US was going to get in on a remake of the book as well. There was so much in the visual grit of the Swedish version of this story that I didn't think would make it to a US film. I thought somehow they would play down the violence and rape that the story hinges on. Apparently this will not be so. They are endeavoring to make this as gruesome as the story tells it.

"That’s just not right, ... Lisbeth Salander is not about suffering! She is not Jesus! She is about vengeance!” David Fincher, the director of the American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo said on set after seeing that the blood on the hands of the actress playing Lisbeth (Rooney Mara) looked more like a stigmata than a messy reflection of the atrocity that the blood came from. Wmagazine's  Lynn Hirschberg was on set to take a behind the scenes look at the making of what MGM Studio is calling "The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas." And I am preparing to be blown away!

Fincher, who has directed other coarse and abrasive films such as Fight Club, The Panic Room, Se7en, and Zodiac, has also done The Social Network, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that weren't so gritty but beautifully done works. With the preview trailer the studio has put out, I am really looking forward to the texture and grit of what I feel is the true atmosphere that the books and the original Swedish films portray. See for yourself:

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Submissive Wife and Faithful Hypocrite - Michelle Bachman

Oh how politicians do fascinate me. I live in a world of wonder with them. Not only are they amazingly photogenic as in Michelle Bachman's recent Newsweek cover, but also in their words, or meanings of words, or turns of phrases or... well hell, you be the judge of this one:

Yes, the amazing Political work around: not EXACTLY answering the question.

Michelle, do you simply use bible statements when they are appropriate for you? Do you pick and choose things that make you look better for the public? Oh yes, of Course you DO! So, if you are a submissive wife when you succumb to the requests or suggestions of your husband about what you do with your personal career whether that was a path you sincerely wanted or not, then why did this question in the debate get the flip when it is essentially the same thing? Isn't respecting your husbands wishes in essence succumbing to them? That is submission as you so aptly put it previously. So, now we are to specifically pull this question out of biblical context and say, "Oh what I MEANT to say was... that I RESPECT my husbands wishes as he respects mine."

Isn't that the same thing? He respects you as his wife. And you respect him as your husband. But, if you were president, are you going to be asking yourself on those late night emergency meetings when something catastrophic happens, "What Would Marcus Do?" A submissive wife would do that.

Listen, I don't want to know about what you two do behind your closed bedroom doors, just like you don't want to know when I am going down on my wife (well you might as much as you hate the homosexuals in this world). However, submissive behavior is never good in a leadership role. Don't pull your "wifely duties" into this political mess that we have in our country right now. You only shame the strong wives and women out there and set the feminist movement back a hundred years.

I have created a photo that is just BEGGING to be put in the right context. I have added a caption but would LOVE to hear what you have to say. Apparently, Michelle Bachman loves to make that Newsweek Face! Here is what I thought she was thinking when posed with "What Would Marcus Do? or W.W.M.D?:
What Would Marcus Do? And, why does he get all the fun?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aliens Leave a Hot Mess in Shreveport, LA

Antares Cluster in the Scorpius Constellation
     Rampant aliens in their never ending quests to PROBE humans for scientific study, decided Wednesday to study a section of Shreveport, Louisiana in a state of heightened panic after sending a drone disguised as a child's mylar balloon to sabotage a main relay station and kill power to over 5000 homes in the South Shreveport area.
     The aliens saw this opportunity to "Hit them in the sweltering hot darkness of their own homes and neighborhoods" as stated by the head commander of the Wylkdforg Race from the Antares Cluster through a local Louisiana interpreter who requested anonymity.
     It is unknown exactly what information they were trying to gather from the city, but officials are thinking that mass sweat samples might have been one option. Locals reported a strange wind as they stepped outside their homes as they reached out to their neighbors to try and gather information on their dark residential streets.
     What will be next this summer as temperatures regularly rise above the 100 deg mark?
     In the meantime, all mylar balloons have been recalled and an official investigation of their manufacturers is underway.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Homophobia and my Experience in the USAF

Reading the news today tweeted by SHE MAG from the Army Times website I felt a need to talk about an experience I had back when I was serving in the US Air Force:
"The Pentagon has ordered a halt to all separations of gay troops under “don’t ask, don’t tell” and will begin accepting applications from prospective recruits who identify themselves as homosexuals." 

I was at my second duty station here at Barksdale AFB. I had to take some class after I got here that was mandatory for our training. I can't remember the exact name of it but it was something along the lines of being able to deal with differences in the people around you in the work place.

The class was held around 1995. It was just a bit after Don't Ask, Don't Tell was implemented and I am sure that it was a disguise to deal with how the airmen felt about the recent new law. Lets just say I really was not looking forward to this class because I know how outspoken I can be and seriously knew I had to keep my mouth shut. However, there was one woman there that made me just want to shake her.

I remember distinctly that the instructor asked a question: "How would you feel if you knew the person you had to work with on a daily basis was a lesbian?"

This woman raised her hand straight up and said: "I would feel very uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to work with someone that is going to be thinking what she thinks in her head. I don't want some lesbian to have those thoughts and be undressing me with her mind."

I just wanted to laugh, but I kept a straight face as the instructor asked for any responses to that and I raised my hand. I knew I had to be very non personal here and careful but I was compelled to address this ignorance.

"You say that, but doesn't it make you feel uncomfortable if a man was to do that as well?"

She replied, "No, I expect that of a man but I don't want a woman to do it. That is just ... yuck!"

"So, you have it in your head that every man in here would be thinking sexual thoughts about you and you are ok with that?" I probed.

"Well, if it is a man, that is okay."

"So some drooling, pimple ridden, poor hygiene, 400lb man can stand next to you and have those thoughts about you and you would be okay with it?" I watched for reaction.

"Well, that is just gross!" She said making a face at the thought of it.

"And, what makes you think that every man would be attracted to you enough to undress you with his eyes?" I said looking around for men's reactions. They were smiling by now since this girl was certainly no looker.

"Well, I am just saying that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable if they did." she said quickly.

"Only a hot guy though." I quipped just as she finished and continued, "So, do you think about the men you work with in that manner?"

Everyone else, including the professor was sitting back and taking this volley in, waiting for the next reaction. Some were giggling and others were shaking their heads in agreement, but it was definitely a mixed crowd between my logic and her ignorance.

"Well, no! I do not look at men like that! I work with them. My mind doesn't have time to think about sexual things when I am at work!" She said, clearly offended that I would assume such things.

"So why would you think, as a woman, that another woman that works with you automatically has thoughts like that about you? Or, that she would even be attracted to you just because you are a woman and she is a lesbian?" I had to stop here and wait so I didn't call her an ugly cow.

She was stammering for something to say as she looked a tad put off, "All I am saying is that I wouldn't want to work with a woman who is a lesbian because I wouldn't want her to think dirty thoughts about me." she finished and folded her arms even tighter around her body in her defensiveness.

"And all I am saying is that don't presume that just because she is a lesbian that she would be attracted to every woman she sees." I said, sitting back in my chair hearing the chuckles around me.

"How would YOU know then?" she retorted.

This is where I had to stop, kind of. I had to think of my next words wisely and I certainly didn't want to seem as if I were a lesbian myself,

"As I said before, how would you know if a man was staring you in your face and thinking sexual thoughts about you?" I said putting the ball back in her court.

The instructor, who had been enjoying the volley, stepped in, most likely because we weren't getting anywhere and could see me about to hit a logic circle. He didn't know what to say about the exchange other than something about how that was a great discussion, and that it is good to get all that out, or something lame and neutral as that.

Nothing came of that class. I think we did a few group activities and I tried to blend in from there on out. I still wanted to shake that woman for her ignorance, but I felt good in shining a light on it like I did. What I really wanted to say was, "Just because I am a Lesbian, doesn't mean that I would remotely be attracted to your ignorant mind and ugly soul." Because that is how women think. Lesbians don't think like men just like women don't think like men. Sure there are some women that are very butch but they are still women. There are some women who identify as men, as transgendered, and so they would think like men because they actually are men. 

But, however you slice it, ignorance is a dark hollow cave that only echo's your own voice when you yell into it. Sure you can bring a torch to shed some light and try to show others the way out of the darkness, but some will always be too afraid to face it, opting instead for the darkness they have always known and feel comfortable in. If they don't know about it, it won't be there.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

My Scottish Indoctrination

This is why I love my wife and also Scotland. Nothin better than them trying to make me gag and surprising them.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is where I spill out onto the pixels where my head has been for the past few months. If you don't understand, don't worry. I don't follow myself half the time either.

Last few months the number one thing on my mind is selling my house. Not that I have actually been able to prepare to do that, mind you, just that it has been on my mind. I guess the biggest thing is that I don't have anyone here to really help me. I know I bought the house on my own, but getting it ready to sell is another thing.

The bathroom looks like the paint is chipping and needs to be redone. The door to the shed in the back has fallen off the hinge (rather the hinge needs to be rescrewed into the frame). The carpet could use a good replacement or a huge deep cleaning as it is 5 years old now and my consumer shampooer is really barely adequate. The bathtub drain linkage is broken and I can't get it fixed back in. I have boxes of junk I need to get rid of from when I moved into the place still. Not to mention actually contacting a realtor and getting the house seen, having to find somewhere to go with my dogs while it is being shown, etc. And that is just the house.

Next, after the house is sold, I will be in limbo for a bit. I will leave my job and move back home since it isn't feasible to rent a place with my 3 dogs and I want to go home to be with my family finally after almost 20 years. To do that I will sell my car and most of my belongings and try to travel only with my bed, a washer/dryer, my computer, my hope chest, and a few other things. I also know that I will be introducing 3 more dogs into my mother's group of chihuahuas. Even though two of mine are chis and came from her in the first place, it is still a worry how it will all play out and I don't want to be a burden at all.

Once I am home I will have to find some kind of job so that I have income and that I don't have to dip into my savings to pay my bills. Most likely, I will have to get rid of my cellphone plan and just get a cheaper stripped down phone for basic communication. I can handle that though.

While I am home I will then start the process of getting my visa application together for Scotland. This is huge... I need to know that when Chrissy and I get married she will be able to keep her council house and when I will be eligible to have their NHS(National Healthcare Service). I won't be able to work for 6 months once I am there.

Also while I am home I will need to get all of my dogs situated (actually might have to start this process soon) for their own Pet Visa. This way I don't have to quarantine them for 6 months after I move to the UK.

Now on top of that, I have student loans that I cannot pay back right now with no degree to show for it. I have an opportunity to finish my degree and defer those loans for a bit but here is the clincher... It will take me a year at least to do that. It will also take the savings that I have for the Scotland Fund. But, if I get my degree and the certifications that come along with it, I will be much more marketable as an immigrant in another country. I will have more "Points" as they say.

So, do you see where I am a bit overwhelmed with all of this? I don't know where to start. Maybe I should start by selling my iMac so I can concentrate on my house. Then sell off my guitars and maybe even my PlayStation. I know I should sell my Nikon D5000 with the 18-200mm Nikor Lens as well. eBay here I come!

Or, should I just pack the iMac up? Ohhh that is an idea. Start by packing the mac up so I don't see it and clean out that computer room first. Might be a great idea. I still have the original box so that would be no problem.

This is all so daunting. I just want to curl up into the corner and shut everything out right now. I have been working for almost 2 straight weeks and I am finally getting 2 days off starting tomorrow. I don't even get to have peace though since it is my On Call rotation right now until Friday.

If there was ever a moment in my life that I seriously wished I could just win the lottery.. even a small one, not even a million, right now would be it. In fact, after work tonight, I am headed to buy a ticket... or 10. And Friday, when I am off my On Call, I have a $20 bottle of wine with my name on it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The World is Ending - The Political Ruin - in a Tweet

When will all this stupidity end? What has happened to our world if the people in charge do not get their asses out of their heads and deal with the problems that they themselves helped to create?

I was listening to the news on the way into work today and someone on the program was talking about how the politicians know what should be done but they would never do it because it would be against their political interests so they are actually going to fight whatever it was they should be trying to fix. This message got me thinking about how people seem to be complaining that the government is too big. The Republicans complain that there is too much spending in the government and therefore it should be cut. Let me say something about those two things starting with the last one first. We cannot cut what isn't there. When programs are cut in government, a huge chunk cuts funding and help for the average worker... the everyday "Joe Plumber" if you will (forgetting about his crazy antics and tax fraud). Why cut spending when we really need to stop giving breaks to those that can afford it. I say BULLSHIT to the trickle down ideology that Regan toused at us all back in the 80s. We have seen how that doesnt work. Instead of investing those profits back into their businesses and growth, the executives are raking them in for their own personal bank accounts and purchases. It is THESE people who need to cough up some of that dough and help this country get back on its feet.

Why aren't more jobs being created? Because companies have learned that you can run people down until they either quit or accept less for more work. Why replace a vacant position when they have been able to squeeze the worker for more than they thought possible. People are so scared to lose their jobs that they put up with this. This is why also, that the big corporations want to edge out the one thing that would keep them from doing this to the workers... the unions. Non-unionized workers feel that they have no recourse. They feel that there is nothing they can do because complaining either falls on deaf ears or threatens their own jobs. Why do average people not see this? Why are people who make less that 250k a year so dang worried about a tax increase that would not effect them in the least?

Now back to the first point, big government. What exactly is big government? What constitutes a government's size? What factors determine this? Is it when things cannot get done because of the insane cravass of a line that has been drawn between our Democratic and Republican parties? Oh.. wait! That is it! It isn't big government that we have to worry about. We don't need to worry about those pesky government workers draining all of our money or putting a burdon on us by asking for fair health insurance and bargaining rights!!! It is Politics.. plain and simple. Because politics are NEVER plain and simple and this is what puts our country in a decline. It isn't our government, it is our politics. We have to remember that these two things can be separate. When one party is saying they will refuse any good thing that needs to be done simply on principle, then someone needs a good spanking. It is almost as if these people are whining babies that won't do their chores because "Johnny didn't have to so why should I?" People get so caught up in the mainstream media hype that they forget to do research of their own. They forget that sound bytes and pretty faces don't get things done, they just hold your attention... but only for as long as the byte and until someone goes out of favor or shows his own stimulus bill(Insert Weiner joke here)

Friday, June 03, 2011

New Name - Same Face - Great Ideas!

I recently decided to get a few new domain names and will be affixing them to this blog. I now own and I will be redirecting this blog to them in the near future.

I decided to finally change the name of my blog to reflect me now that I am no longer in college (wishing for the money to finish that endeavor) but still retaining my name and thoughts. Right now my focus is on saving for my big move to Scotland.

What iTrue means to me. Firstly it is my name, True. I have tried to remain true to my name (pardon the pun) all my life. I have this bad habit of being honest. I say it is bad because people really do not like hearing the truth and I can be a bit direct about it without taking feelings into account. It is a character flaw, I know, but hard to argue against because it is hard to repudiate (no Palin, it is not refudiate) the truth.

In the future of this blog I hope to talk about the things that matter most not only in my life, but in a cultural sense as well. I have a unique position where I am a Lesbian living in the deep south that was born and raised in the North. I am an Air Force veteran that has taken me throughout the US and a bit to the UK and have always held at least one job in my life. To add to my views, my fiance is from Scotland and we are working towards my move there so that we can be wed and start our lives together. With all those facets to my life, I see things from different perspectives, different regions, and even different cultures. I hope to inform the people here in the US a little more on how things work over in the UK and vise versa. We aren't as global of a country as people would like to think here in the US. Moreover, some of the news from here never makes it to the UK (ie, not many knew of Sarah Palin's newsworthy missteps during her Presidential Campaign a few years back).

So sit back, get a cuppy, and hopefully iTrue will connect with you too.

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