Friday, June 03, 2011

New Name - Same Face - Great Ideas!

I recently decided to get a few new domain names and will be affixing them to this blog. I now own and I will be redirecting this blog to them in the near future.

I decided to finally change the name of my blog to reflect me now that I am no longer in college (wishing for the money to finish that endeavor) but still retaining my name and thoughts. Right now my focus is on saving for my big move to Scotland.

What iTrue means to me. Firstly it is my name, True. I have tried to remain true to my name (pardon the pun) all my life. I have this bad habit of being honest. I say it is bad because people really do not like hearing the truth and I can be a bit direct about it without taking feelings into account. It is a character flaw, I know, but hard to argue against because it is hard to repudiate (no Palin, it is not refudiate) the truth.

In the future of this blog I hope to talk about the things that matter most not only in my life, but in a cultural sense as well. I have a unique position where I am a Lesbian living in the deep south that was born and raised in the North. I am an Air Force veteran that has taken me throughout the US and a bit to the UK and have always held at least one job in my life. To add to my views, my fiance is from Scotland and we are working towards my move there so that we can be wed and start our lives together. With all those facets to my life, I see things from different perspectives, different regions, and even different cultures. I hope to inform the people here in the US a little more on how things work over in the UK and vise versa. We aren't as global of a country as people would like to think here in the US. Moreover, some of the news from here never makes it to the UK (ie, not many knew of Sarah Palin's newsworthy missteps during her Presidential Campaign a few years back).

So sit back, get a cuppy, and hopefully iTrue will connect with you too.

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