Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is where I spill out onto the pixels where my head has been for the past few months. If you don't understand, don't worry. I don't follow myself half the time either.

Last few months the number one thing on my mind is selling my house. Not that I have actually been able to prepare to do that, mind you, just that it has been on my mind. I guess the biggest thing is that I don't have anyone here to really help me. I know I bought the house on my own, but getting it ready to sell is another thing.

The bathroom looks like the paint is chipping and needs to be redone. The door to the shed in the back has fallen off the hinge (rather the hinge needs to be rescrewed into the frame). The carpet could use a good replacement or a huge deep cleaning as it is 5 years old now and my consumer shampooer is really barely adequate. The bathtub drain linkage is broken and I can't get it fixed back in. I have boxes of junk I need to get rid of from when I moved into the place still. Not to mention actually contacting a realtor and getting the house seen, having to find somewhere to go with my dogs while it is being shown, etc. And that is just the house.

Next, after the house is sold, I will be in limbo for a bit. I will leave my job and move back home since it isn't feasible to rent a place with my 3 dogs and I want to go home to be with my family finally after almost 20 years. To do that I will sell my car and most of my belongings and try to travel only with my bed, a washer/dryer, my computer, my hope chest, and a few other things. I also know that I will be introducing 3 more dogs into my mother's group of chihuahuas. Even though two of mine are chis and came from her in the first place, it is still a worry how it will all play out and I don't want to be a burden at all.

Once I am home I will have to find some kind of job so that I have income and that I don't have to dip into my savings to pay my bills. Most likely, I will have to get rid of my cellphone plan and just get a cheaper stripped down phone for basic communication. I can handle that though.

While I am home I will then start the process of getting my visa application together for Scotland. This is huge... I need to know that when Chrissy and I get married she will be able to keep her council house and when I will be eligible to have their NHS(National Healthcare Service). I won't be able to work for 6 months once I am there.

Also while I am home I will need to get all of my dogs situated (actually might have to start this process soon) for their own Pet Visa. This way I don't have to quarantine them for 6 months after I move to the UK.

Now on top of that, I have student loans that I cannot pay back right now with no degree to show for it. I have an opportunity to finish my degree and defer those loans for a bit but here is the clincher... It will take me a year at least to do that. It will also take the savings that I have for the Scotland Fund. But, if I get my degree and the certifications that come along with it, I will be much more marketable as an immigrant in another country. I will have more "Points" as they say.

So, do you see where I am a bit overwhelmed with all of this? I don't know where to start. Maybe I should start by selling my iMac so I can concentrate on my house. Then sell off my guitars and maybe even my PlayStation. I know I should sell my Nikon D5000 with the 18-200mm Nikor Lens as well. eBay here I come!

Or, should I just pack the iMac up? Ohhh that is an idea. Start by packing the mac up so I don't see it and clean out that computer room first. Might be a great idea. I still have the original box so that would be no problem.

This is all so daunting. I just want to curl up into the corner and shut everything out right now. I have been working for almost 2 straight weeks and I am finally getting 2 days off starting tomorrow. I don't even get to have peace though since it is my On Call rotation right now until Friday.

If there was ever a moment in my life that I seriously wished I could just win the lottery.. even a small one, not even a million, right now would be it. In fact, after work tonight, I am headed to buy a ticket... or 10. And Friday, when I am off my On Call, I have a $20 bottle of wine with my name on it!

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