Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The World is Ending - The Political Ruin - in a Tweet

When will all this stupidity end? What has happened to our world if the people in charge do not get their asses out of their heads and deal with the problems that they themselves helped to create?

I was listening to the news on the way into work today and someone on the program was talking about how the politicians know what should be done but they would never do it because it would be against their political interests so they are actually going to fight whatever it was they should be trying to fix. This message got me thinking about how people seem to be complaining that the government is too big. The Republicans complain that there is too much spending in the government and therefore it should be cut. Let me say something about those two things starting with the last one first. We cannot cut what isn't there. When programs are cut in government, a huge chunk cuts funding and help for the average worker... the everyday "Joe Plumber" if you will (forgetting about his crazy antics and tax fraud). Why cut spending when we really need to stop giving breaks to those that can afford it. I say BULLSHIT to the trickle down ideology that Regan toused at us all back in the 80s. We have seen how that doesnt work. Instead of investing those profits back into their businesses and growth, the executives are raking them in for their own personal bank accounts and purchases. It is THESE people who need to cough up some of that dough and help this country get back on its feet.

Why aren't more jobs being created? Because companies have learned that you can run people down until they either quit or accept less for more work. Why replace a vacant position when they have been able to squeeze the worker for more than they thought possible. People are so scared to lose their jobs that they put up with this. This is why also, that the big corporations want to edge out the one thing that would keep them from doing this to the workers... the unions. Non-unionized workers feel that they have no recourse. They feel that there is nothing they can do because complaining either falls on deaf ears or threatens their own jobs. Why do average people not see this? Why are people who make less that 250k a year so dang worried about a tax increase that would not effect them in the least?

Now back to the first point, big government. What exactly is big government? What constitutes a government's size? What factors determine this? Is it when things cannot get done because of the insane cravass of a line that has been drawn between our Democratic and Republican parties? Oh.. wait! That is it! It isn't big government that we have to worry about. We don't need to worry about those pesky government workers draining all of our money or putting a burdon on us by asking for fair health insurance and bargaining rights!!! It is Politics.. plain and simple. Because politics are NEVER plain and simple and this is what puts our country in a decline. It isn't our government, it is our politics. We have to remember that these two things can be separate. When one party is saying they will refuse any good thing that needs to be done simply on principle, then someone needs a good spanking. It is almost as if these people are whining babies that won't do their chores because "Johnny didn't have to so why should I?" People get so caught up in the mainstream media hype that they forget to do research of their own. They forget that sound bytes and pretty faces don't get things done, they just hold your attention... but only for as long as the byte and until someone goes out of favor or shows his own stimulus bill(Insert Weiner joke here)

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