Friday, July 15, 2011

Aliens Leave a Hot Mess in Shreveport, LA

Antares Cluster in the Scorpius Constellation
     Rampant aliens in their never ending quests to PROBE humans for scientific study, decided Wednesday to study a section of Shreveport, Louisiana in a state of heightened panic after sending a drone disguised as a child's mylar balloon to sabotage a main relay station and kill power to over 5000 homes in the South Shreveport area.
     The aliens saw this opportunity to "Hit them in the sweltering hot darkness of their own homes and neighborhoods" as stated by the head commander of the Wylkdforg Race from the Antares Cluster through a local Louisiana interpreter who requested anonymity.
     It is unknown exactly what information they were trying to gather from the city, but officials are thinking that mass sweat samples might have been one option. Locals reported a strange wind as they stepped outside their homes as they reached out to their neighbors to try and gather information on their dark residential streets.
     What will be next this summer as temperatures regularly rise above the 100 deg mark?
     In the meantime, all mylar balloons have been recalled and an official investigation of their manufacturers is underway.

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