Friday, August 12, 2011

A Submissive Wife and Faithful Hypocrite - Michelle Bachman

Oh how politicians do fascinate me. I live in a world of wonder with them. Not only are they amazingly photogenic as in Michelle Bachman's recent Newsweek cover, but also in their words, or meanings of words, or turns of phrases or... well hell, you be the judge of this one:

Yes, the amazing Political work around: not EXACTLY answering the question.

Michelle, do you simply use bible statements when they are appropriate for you? Do you pick and choose things that make you look better for the public? Oh yes, of Course you DO! So, if you are a submissive wife when you succumb to the requests or suggestions of your husband about what you do with your personal career whether that was a path you sincerely wanted or not, then why did this question in the debate get the flip when it is essentially the same thing? Isn't respecting your husbands wishes in essence succumbing to them? That is submission as you so aptly put it previously. So, now we are to specifically pull this question out of biblical context and say, "Oh what I MEANT to say was... that I RESPECT my husbands wishes as he respects mine."

Isn't that the same thing? He respects you as his wife. And you respect him as your husband. But, if you were president, are you going to be asking yourself on those late night emergency meetings when something catastrophic happens, "What Would Marcus Do?" A submissive wife would do that.

Listen, I don't want to know about what you two do behind your closed bedroom doors, just like you don't want to know when I am going down on my wife (well you might as much as you hate the homosexuals in this world). However, submissive behavior is never good in a leadership role. Don't pull your "wifely duties" into this political mess that we have in our country right now. You only shame the strong wives and women out there and set the feminist movement back a hundred years.

I have created a photo that is just BEGGING to be put in the right context. I have added a caption but would LOVE to hear what you have to say. Apparently, Michelle Bachman loves to make that Newsweek Face! Here is what I thought she was thinking when posed with "What Would Marcus Do? or W.W.M.D?:
What Would Marcus Do? And, why does he get all the fun?

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