Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FFS Facebook, you are DRIVING me to Google+

     I logged into my Facebook today as many people did and found all these crazy changes. Firstly, I received no email explaining these changes (as this would be nice to in effect tour the new look). I found myself scrolling down the page with this strange window following me on the right. I thought it was a glitch in my browser. It creeps me out to have a window follow me down the page like that.. like OMG FRAMES. But still I digress...

     I can tell you what I have been reading from quite a few of my friends' statuses:
FFS Facebook...will you stop messing around with facebook layout...I cant find anything!!!
wth???????? Facebook I don't like this, I see twitter becoming my new bff
     And more of this here. But really, what goes on behind the minds of the creators and layout specialists they go to? I see this strange window that scrolls down the page as I scroll down it, but it is the exact same news feed as what I am looking at. Really? What is that good for? I am not complaining, I just want to know!

     I recently joined Google+ and found quite a bit of potential but also one huge limitation... none of my friends had access unless I sent them an invitation. Yesterday the Google+ team finally fixed that issue and quite a few others and opened the enrollment YAY!

     So I say to all of you that are frustrated with the complexity that Facebook is now suffering from, and you liked the simplicity that it used to have, give Google+ a shot. Create some Circles... throw up some Sparks to peruse. Who knows, you may even be able to join a few really cool Huddles (a feature I haven't quite had a chance to view yet).

     What is there to lose? Not much for me because Facebook has already stolen it. So sit back with me. Read a few articles. Make sure you +1 what you like and comment where you want! It is a roller coaster on Facebook, so lets hit the lazy river and enjoy ourselves and keep a bit of our sanity!

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