Monday, September 05, 2011

Creiff Scotland, Tartans, Indians, and Chiefs - Oh My!

Here is a wee bit of Scottish History for you all. This awesome man at the Crieff Visitor Center gave us a bit of insight as to the link between Native American Indians and the historical Scottish Clan Chieftains. ENJOY! *Transcript to follow video*

Historian: Hi! um as i was saying there are lots of similarities between the north american indians and the Scots and a great affinity between them. And in fact if you look at the history, ah the more modern history of North American Indians, you'll find many Scottish Cheifs. 
Me: Really? 
Historian: [that are] also Indian Chiefs. 
Me: Wow 
Historian: Which is difficult to believe but true. When I say many, probably about three or four. I'm exaggerating for effect.  
Chrissy: So actually, Tony and Michelle are well matched then even though the Scots have a castle and she's got a tipi. 
Historian: So after you think about how they operated, North American Indian and Scottish Highlander are amongst the most romantic historical figures ever.  
Um, the interesting thing between the two is that the indians collected scalps, the scots collected heads. 
Chrissy: Oh 
Me: giggling 
Historian: The indians were wiser, less to carry, took the scalp home. But the, but the Scots.. 
Chrissy: The Scots were a wee bitty greedy. 
Historian: ... they had to have the head. 
Me: For effect. 
Chrissy: That's very interesting. 
Historian: But the egalitarian attitude which the scots extended towards the North American Indians also endeared them with them because they asked if they could take the land. Not all of them, but as a whole. Whereas the English went in and took it. Well, English and other, other um, nations went in and took it.  
Chrissy: Heh, the English, pfft. 
Me: Mhm. 
Historian: So there's some very interesting parallels there. 
Me: Well there you go! 
Chrissy: Thank you very much!

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