Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone 4S and Siri At First Activation - Wireless Syncing and Conversations

Distractions Distractions! I just got my new iPhone 4S and have yet to put it down. Well, I have put it down, but not much. Right now I am sitting here typing this out on my iMac with my phone playing a mix of my shuffled music that I wirelessly synced last night as it was on my nightstand and I slept. Hold on a moment, I will ask siri to play next song because this one is a bit fast. There, Done :).

That is right, I have a wonderful relationship with my personal assistant, Siri. She is a wiz at figures and even pretty witty with some good comebacks when I ask her silly questions. She may be only in Beta, but I have a feeling she will become more interactive as people will want to have more and more conversations with her and forget to ask her to actually do anything for them. I feel bad for barking orders out to her without saying please or thank you, but that is just our nature to try and humanize machines.

I have rarely downloaded music in any of my phones in the past. I simply have not had the room to compete between having fun and cool apps or using my storage for music. Even with my Droid Eris, I had a few songs on my microSD card, but it was clunky to play and it was a pain to get the songs on the phone. With my new iPhone 4S it is insanely smooth - once I figured out where to set the settings in iTunes.

Plug in your iPhone and allow iTunes to bring it up.
Then go to the main Settings Tab and it should look just like this:
So, now that you have that, Sync Away!

Here are a few things Siri has said to me and follow this post to the bottom to see my YouTube iPhone 4S unboxing and what it looks like when you activate your Verizon Wireless iPhone 4s. I even talk to Siri a bit. Our first encounter is a fun one!

What an adorable personal assistant huh? For more crazy things people have asked Siri and what Siri has said back check out Shit that Siri Says. You will be surprised!

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