Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PicMonkey is Passin' Out Awesome Juice - For Your Photos

A few months back I blogged about my favorite online photo editing site, Picnik,  packin' up and moving into Google+. I  was quite sad to see that it was leaving but happy that Google+ was getting a little of the wonderment that was Picnik for me. I did wonder what was going to happen to the huge following of users that not only had purchased their premium content but also the ones who did not have a Google+ account. Also, it seemed that the G+ version was very... very watered down. It was a sad story indeed.

The tides started to turn for me when I suddenly received a comment on that blog about an up and coming site from a few former-picnikers as she called it, and asked me to check it out and sign up for when they go live. I was stoked! Not only did I get a comment on my actual blog (which doesn't happen a lot because mostly people comment through my facebook posts) but I was being contacted by the group themselves. She sounded very excited and I was too. I immediately told my fiance about it since I had just recently purchased the premium account for her and she was deep into loving her Picnik and had no use for a Google+ account. We were both anxious but had practically forgotten about it until today.

WooHoo! Jenn commented on my blog again to tell me that was up and running and to go check it out. So, I did. Now, I know that Picnik had been around for a few years and had a few more bells and whistles in its day, however, PicMonkey is my new online BFF! Yes, I actually said BFF - well typed it anyway.

Here are a few before and afters for you to see how well this puppy - I mean Monkey - works!

Loch Earn Before
This photo was taken at Loch Earn in Scotland. It is a pretty view but the photo really did not do the landscape justice that day. The photo below, is the edited version from PicMonkey. I didn't keep track of all of the different effects that I used. I was just so excited to get in and go that I  just ran with it.

Loch Earn After PicMonkey

This photo shows the after effects from dousing that photo with a shit-ton of awesomeness that is PicMonkey! Like I said, I don't really remember everything that I used but I do know that I used one of my all time favorites - Orton. I also framed it and added the copyright symbol along with my name in the edges of the Museum Mat frame. There is a bit of exposure enhancement done at the end to heighten the contrast and make the colors a bit deeper.

Falls of Dochart Before

Another photo here is a pic of the Falls of Dochart in Scotland. I took a bit more time on this photo but as you can see it is kind of nice without editing it. However...

Falls of Dochart After PicMonkey

PicMonkey helps me make the photo POP and give more dynamics to an already dynamic image. Here I wrote down my process:

  • Focal Soften
  • Burst (Signed up for the Royale treatment which is free for the next few months.)
  • Darken Edges
    • Wanted to give it an Orton feel but Orton darkened it too much
    • I love Orton but sometimes I wish I had just the Bloom feature.

If you liked the functionality of Picnik and are missing it, I suggest you hop - or swing - on over to PicMonkey and see what you get. For obvious reasons, it isn't as full featured as Picnik was as it is missing some frames and different fonts but really, I really don't remember using much more than what I have done right here in these photos.

As far as premium content, PicMonkey is calling it the Royale Treatment. Right now it is free if you put in your email address. It doesn't state how long this feature will be free but sign up NOW and they will send you a coupon for a discounted subscription when the trial is over.

Any thoughts, feelings, desires, features you would like to see there? Hit me up in my comment sections and let me know what's up. Or you can go straight to the Monkey's tree and email them directly at:

So far I see the potential, but only when I find myself heading back and forth between my photoshop and PicMonkey will I know that they have a winner.


mandab3 said...

How do you actually go about signing up for the "royale" treatment now?

Melissa True said...

Hiya Mandab3 :)

The only way that you can do it is by selecting one of the options that has a wee crown by it and then applying it to your photo. At that time they will ask you if you want to sign up for the Royale and you just put your email in. Like I said before, it is free for right now but if you sign up early then they said they would give a discount.

We will see, but I am really enjoying it. Used it to touch up a friends photo just today :)

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