Friday, July 13, 2012

Keep it Simple - start with the juice!

We just got a call today about a computer being in power save mode. These calls tend to be about our Dell SX280 machines. The power save the user sees is the screen saver on the monitors when not getting a signal from the pc.

There are a couple things that come to mind that could be wrong. The scariest being that the computer has simply died. However, there is possibly a simpler explanation for this error... No Juice! Check the Power Supply. Here are a few pics to illustrate this:

Dell SX280 Power Supply - Note the plug LOOKS snug but it is deceiving.

Power Supply after snugging the plug in - Note the Amber Light
Indicating no connection to the computer.

Properly plugged in power supply for the Dell SX280
- Note the Green indicator on the power supply.

My troubleshooting experience has taught me that sometimes I have to stop and look at the simple things. My mind tends to skip ahead because sometimes I just don't want to think that the user has overlooked something as simple as making sure everything is plugged in. However, these things can escape everyone and no one is immune to not seeing a simple answer to a problem.

Hope that helped anyone out there that deals with computers or even printers that have external power supplies or as we call them "Bricks" because they are about as heavy as a brick!

See ya next time I find something interesting to post about :)


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